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Ben Nadel at CFinNC 2009 (Raleigh, North Carolina) with: Simon Free and Todd Sharp and Jason Dean and Andy Matthews
Ben Nadel at CFinNC 2009 (Raleigh, North Carolina) with: Simon Free ( @simonfree ) Todd Sharp ( @cfsilence ) Jason Dean ( @JasonPDean ) Andy Matthews ( @commadelimited )

Feature Flags Book: What If I Can Only Deploy Every 2 Weeks?

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Creating a culture of shipping is going to be a problem if your company only allows for a single, coordinated deployment ever N number of weeks. If that's the case, I would suggest taking time to understand where that constraint is coming from. It might be fear-based. But, it might be part of a contract; or, part of some security and compliance requirement.

If the constraint is fear-based, you have some wiggle room. You have an opportunity to demonstrate that building products with feature flags—and working small and shipping more often—is actually safer. This won't be an easy argument to make, given the context; but, if you're reading this book, I suspect that you're the right type of person to lead this effort.

In 2023, I published a book titled, "Feature Flags: Transform Your Product Development Workflow". This book contains everything that I've learned over the last 7 years about integrating feature flags into my product development. But, a static book can only take you so far. In an effort to make the book more interactive, I've created a series of blog posts—one per chapter—that provide a place in which the readers and I can discuss the content. You can purchase the book and / or read a preview of each chapter on the book's mini-site. Feel free to leave a question or a comment down below.

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