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Open Source Projects

I have decided to get rid of my Snippets and Portfolio sections. I never put anything into the portfolio and I pretty much stopped maintaining my snippets. I found, instead, that I put most of my code snippets directly into my blog entries. Now, instead of putting little bits of code into snippets, I will only maintain several larger projects in this section.


The CFHttpSession.cfc is a ColdFusion component that wraps around multiple CFHttp requests in such a way that cookie and session information is maintained from request to request. This allows you to use this ColdFusion component to log into remote systems and grab content that is behind a layer of security.

ColdFusion Builder Extension: RegEx Find And Replace

This ColdFusion Builder provides regular expression (RegEx) find and replace functionality with a very usable interface and full Java regular expression support. It allows you to preview find/replace actions before committing them. It also allows you to perform multiple fine/replace actions on a single file without leaving the interface.

CorMVC jQuery Framework

CorMVC is a jQuery-powered Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework that can aide in the development of single-page, web-based applications. CorMVC stands for client-only-required model-view-controller and is designed to be lowest possible entry point to learning about single-page application architecture. It does not presuppose any server-side technologies, or a web server of any kind, and requires no more than a web browser to get up and running.


The CSSRule.cfc is a ColdFusion component that can parse and model CSS using ColdFusion. I love CSS; I think it's like the most awesome, straightforward way to describe formatting of rendered boxes. As such, I wanted to use it in more of my projects. However, in order to do this, I needed to come up with a way to parse and maintain the CSS model programmatically inside of ColdFusion.

jQuery Photo Tagger Plugin

The jQuery Photo Tagger plugin allows you to add Flickr-style photo tagging to your images. You can create box-like overlays on top of your image and assign messages to each box. The plugin communicates with the server using the supplied API URLs such that the photo tags can be saved, persisted, and deleted when needed.

jQuery Template Markup Language (JTML)

The jQuery Template Markup Language, or JTML, is a jQuery-powered rendering engine that allows you to use Script tags to easily populate HTML templates with complex data objects using JTML tags.

Kinky Calendar

The Kinky Calendar System is a totally free ColdFusion calendar system that was designed, not as a stand-alone application, but rather as a module that could be easily integrated into an existing piece of ColdFusion software. Using only two database tables and extremely simple queries, this system should work on just about any database application, event the dreaded Microsoft Access.

Kinky eCards

Kinky eCards is a totally free ColdFusion based eCards application. It does not require a database. Each item of eCard data is stored in an XML document that is securely encrypted.

Kinky File Explorer

The Kinky File Explorer is a totally free ColdFusion based file exploration system designed to provide read-only access to a specific directory of files. The idea here is that you can provide users with an easy way to view your project codebase without having to worry about them snooping around.


KinkyTwits is a totally free ColdFusion and jQuery powered Twitter client. It was built to be a single-user client and therefore works off of one Twitter account login. It stores its persisted data in JSON files on the server and therefore can run without the use of a database.

POI Utility

The POI Utility is a ColdFusion component and set of ColdFusion custom tags that helps you read and write native Microsoft Excel files. While reading Excel files is nice, the ColdFusion custom tags provide a powerful way for users to create richly formatted reports.

Pusher.cfc - Realtime Notification

Pusher.cfc is a ColdFusion component that facilitates posting messages to Pusher - a realtime notification service powered by HTML5 WebSockets. This component allows your application to communicate with your clients (browsers) in realtime, as needed, rather than forcing your clients to execute long-polling approaches to listen for new data.

XDOM.cfc - Easy XML Traversal, Manipulation, And Merging

Inspired by jQuery, XDOM.cfc is a collection-based ColdFusion component wrapper that provides an easy-to-use API for XML traversal, manipulation, and merging. Internally, XDOM maintains an aggregate of XML nodes that can be searched, deleted, and augmented with ease.

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