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The jQuery Photo Tagger plugin allows you to add Flickr-style photo tagging to your images. You can create box-like overlays on top of your image and assign messages to each box. The plugin communicates with the server using the supplied API URLs such that the photo tags can be saved, persisted, and deleted when needed.

View The Online VIDEO Here »

View The Online Demo Here »


  1. jQuery Plugin Architecture. This effect can be applied as a jQuery plugin to multiple elements on the same page.
  2. Easily Configured. The plugin is build with a large number of default settings that can be either globally overridden or redefined on a per-plugin-application basis.


Build 2010/02/05

This build fixed the bugs in Internet Explorer. IE now handles the mouse over on the tag due to the use of a transparent background GIF image. I have also added configuration options for enabling and disabling tag creation and deletion, as well as the ability to turn those properties on and off at any time.

Build 2010/02/04

This is the initial build. Just download the ZIP file and extract it. It comes with a ColdFusion back-end that allows the demo to run without a database - the tags just get cached internally to the PhotoTagService.cfc. Click here to watch a video demo.

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