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The jQuery Template Markup Language, or JTML, is a jQuery-powered rendering engine that allows you to use Script tags to easily populate HTML templates with complex data objects using JTML tags.



  1. Tag-Based. JTML uses custom markup tags that seamlessly integrate with your DOM templates, allowing you to populate complex layouts without any tricky syntax.
  2. Fast Performance. JTML templates are compiled down to Javascript when the template is first loaded. Every time a template is rendered, the underlying engine is simply executing the compiled Javascript.
  3. Remote Templates. Using the RemoteJTMLTemplate wrapper class, you can easily make use of remote JTML templates to keep your main page clutter-free and your up front page load times smaller.


Build 2010/05/07

This build fixes some cross-browser compatibility bugs, specifically for IE. There was some issue with the regular expressions used to parse the JTML markup in IE multiline pattern matching mode.

Build 2010/04/29

This build updated the core JTMLTemplate class to accept either a jQuery object or a raw JTML string. It also adds a utility class - RemoteJTMLTemplate - which allows you to pull remote JTML templates off the server for delayed rendering. A demo of how to use the RemoteJTMLTemplate class has been included. To read about the updates in this release check out this blog post.

Build 2010/04/28

This build fixed some minor bugs and added a demonstrate file on how to use JTML in conjunction with AJAX-loaded JSON packets. The AJAX file is powered by ColdFusion; but, even if you are not a ColdFusion developer, you should be able to see how the remote file works - it just builds a simple struct. To read about the updates in this release check out this blog post.

Build 2010/04/27

This is the initial build. Just download the ZIP file and extract it. It comes with a demo file (template.htm) that can be executed without any special server-side technology. To read about the initial release, check out this blog post.

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