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Ben Nadel at BFusion / BFLEX 2010 (Bloomington, Indiana) with: Matt Boles
Ben Nadel at BFusion / BFLEX 2010 (Bloomington, Indiana) with: Matt Boles

Back To The Fusion - Part X

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After reading Adam Lehman's recent post about the Modern age of ColdFusion, I have to say that I am super excited about the next release of ColdFusion. All signs indicate that it's gonna be huge; and, based on the versions that have already been released - the bar has been set pretty high. I wanted to take a moment and express my joy, graphically:


Adobe Systems, Inc. Presenets - Back To The Fusion, Part X - A ColdFusion Film.  

But when is this block-buster coming out???? I'm on the edge of my seat!

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Hey . . . we don't even know what the actors look like yet, nor if they have deep, gravely voices rivaling that of Sean Connery . . .


Well, I am not bound by an NDA (because I have nothing to disclose), and know, as in know, nothing about the next release and its new features. That said, here's my stab at the new features in ColdFusion X:

First, I'd bet it ends up being Adobe's way of keeping LiveCycle a really expensive enterprise server product, while at the same time opening up much of the functionality of the LiveCycle server family up to smaller businesses.

Plus, due to its low adoption and recent lack of Adobe love, I'd bet on a total rewrite of CFReport and the report builder.

Finally, as they have become a sponsor of jQuery, I'd bet there will be a ton of integration there too.

I guess we will all see sooner or later...hope it is not as much later, as it has been hinted.

Mark Fuqua


Where the vehicle's time displacement is powered by .cfc's and .cfs's? which generates 1.21 gigawatts of power into a device he calls the "flux capacitor"....



I don't know much about CFReport of LiveCycle - I haven't used either of them. If they did something cool, it would be a nice chance to dig in.


Ha ha, word up :) We'd need to get new head-gear though. Finally, ColdFusion would be able to read my thoughts.

@John, @Bret,

CFC == "ColdFusion Flux Capacitor" ??? Now we're talking!


If you think about it, ColdFusion is sort of like that whistle that allows you to transport from world to world - only, we're transporting form the start of a project to the completion of a project in record time ;)


All I know is that I look forward to each new release because it just adds to the things I can do faster than developers of other languages!



No joke. They add things I didn't even know I need; and then once they add them, I wonder how I lived without them.



Hahaha, yeah, like the DateField type on the cfinput tag. I didn't even know they added it, been using javascript to do that for years. One day using code complete, oh, whats this? NO WAY! :)

Makes you fall in love with ColdFusion all over again each time.


@Ben, Thanks Ben, keep up the really excellent blog, found it from a post on FB, and it's going into my favs now! :)

BTW, Nicely done poster, was it done in Photoshop?



Groovy - glad you like the site. I made the poster in Adobe Fireworks. If you've never used Fireworks, it's like the lightweight, web-oriented version of Photoshop. It's badass.


@Ben, I've got Fireworks but spend most of my time in Photoshop or Illustrator. Those and Dreamweaver, Coldfusion Builder, Flash and Flash Builder! *LOL*

I wish I could find a job as a Coldfusion developer, getting tired of PHP and ASP.NET, good though they are, I can develop much quicker in Coldfusion. *LMAO*



Surely, when the time comes for an NDA concerning Coldfusion X, you'll be asked to sign one, right?

I can't imagine they would do a private beta/preview/feature survey without consulting Ben Nadel. At least I hope not.



@Mark, @Jonathan,

Ha ha :) I believe there is always some sort of public beta; or, at least there has been one for the last few releases. I'm super excited!


I'm interested to see what CFX has to offer. Gotta say too, Ben, that for the last couple of issues I've had with CF, when doing Google searches on the problem at hand, not only did your site come up first, but DIRECTLY addressed the EXACT same issue I had.

Recently, we just installed Mod Rewrite into our IIS servers and had the issue with the CFIMAGE's CFFileServlet path. Sure enough adding a custom rule resolved it.

Nadel is quickly becoming a name synonymous with ColdFusion. Keep up the good work.


Help me, Obi-Wan, you're my only hope. The boss wants to move to Java, partially out of fear that CF is going the way of the Edsel.



Ha, ha, ha. I don't think that will convince anyone, but it sure did hit my funny bone. I was expecting a very well thought out dissertation.

Although, I guess it was well thought out, just a tad more concise than I anticipated.


ColdFusion is the best Flex Capacitor, b/c it stores entire lightning bolts of charge!! =D

On a more serious note, I so want that poster on my wall! :) My fav was always Back to the Future II. Now it's X!

Thanks Ben,


HAHA, keeps the answer short and to the point :) Props to Adam for registering that. And hosted at, awesome.



I've read many posts on the net about ColdFusion X (or ColdFusion 10), but no one has yet mentioned WHEN it will be released ? Or maybe I just missed it.

Any ideas ?



You haven't missed it. ;-) There may be more tidbits dropped at RIACon. Then more tidbits dropped at Adobe MAX. The same as before.

Disclaimer: I'm not an Adobe employee, nor have I been lucky enough to be offered a job at Adobe, so I can say all I want and not get in trouble because I'm not privy to inside information.

And do read up on usage of HTML tags . . . you forgot to close the door behind you. ;-)



Thanks Lola.

Ben, you'd better fix this in the back end asap and relieve me from the embarrassment! :)




No problem :)

ColdFusion X has been announced, but not yet released. Though, I hear they are going to release it sooner than expected. That's about all I know.

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