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Hank Hill On ColdFusion

By Ben Nadel on
Tags: ColdFusion


Hank Hill On ColdFusion - I Like To Program Using ColdFusion And ColdFusion Accessories  
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Reader Comments

Wow, that was a hilarious video! I particularly liked the line "Do you actually know CORBA?"

I sometimes wish the ColdFusion community had a discernible culture of some sort. The Perl community are so agreeable, with their Perl poetry and plain-old-documentation. Java folks tend to be a little abstract and utopian, but they mean well. And PHP coders are just so darn happy, especially with the proliferation of easy-to-hack CMS and blog software written in PHP for PHP.

ColdFusion may be alive and well, but I sure wouldn't mind being part of the big, warm & fuzzy, open source hug that is the Ruby on Rails movement / cult / revolution / what-have-you.

I have to admit, for the longest time, I always thought the CORBA in ColdFusion was actually "Cobra". I never actually stopped to READ the word. Only recently, did I notice that it wasn't Cobra :)