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Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2013 (Bloomington, MN) with: Erik Meier
Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2013 (Bloomington, MN) with: Erik Meier

The Most Interesting Man Alive On ColdFusion

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The most interesting man alive, on ColdFusion - I don't always write code. But when I do, I prefer ColdFusion.  

Keep coding, my friends!

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haha...this is funny. I think the one about testing code in production made me laugh more, though. I guess it rings more true. It's funny, but a little sexist. :-P


I love the testing code in production one...sadly true. Although at least I'm not proud of it.

My favorite "Most Interesting Man Alive" quotes:

- Sharks have a week about him.
- When in Rome, they do as he does.

And the best one:

- "Manscaping...I do not know what this is."


I'm not saying I'm proud of it. But I do it, self preservation, and preservation of job. When the client wants something moved over a fraction of an inch, and it takes 15 minutes to do it on test (only a slight exageration), and it is something I can do on live in a matter of seconds, and it is something that is almost surely not going to mess up anything programming-wise on live, I'll do it on live. Part of my job and keeping my job dictates I make that decisions when we are under serious deadline pressure.



I think it depends on the size of the site and the traffic. We have servers that implement heavy caching and if we made a change 'on live', when we cleared the cache, users would either get errors or get unresponsive pages while the cache re-populated.

Also, I think it depends on your target clients. If you are moving something a fraction of an inch, but also targeting mobile, that could easily cause a layout to break...

Plus, do you need to test the exact positioning on your page? Just use selectors and classes in your tests and you shouldn't have any problems.

It comes down to a mix of your client's requirements/depends, traffic, target audiences, long-term maintainability and project complexity... Sometimes you have to just get the job done, but that's not to say you couldn't go back and write your tests afterwards (if they are even needed).


@James Brown,

That was just an example, because it was all I could think of at the time. I don't think I have ever actually done that. And the pages on live that I work on, "test" on, are pages that are brand new, and not being used by users yet. Of course, I don't go poking around on pages that people are currently viewing, and I never mess with data that can impact what people are doing. Like I said, job preservation, and obviously, if there is a chance I could negatively impact my job more by testing on live, then I'm not going to do it...I'm going to take the extra 15 minutes or so to make the changes. But the times I do stuff on live is when it isn't going to have much of an impact, if at all, on anyone.



Yeah, I hope it didn't come across that I was attacking what you were saying. Certainly there are times when a change has to be made asap. :)


- he can set variables in CGI scope
- he can pass ad-hoc created objects as parameters to functions
- he can call struct members as functions


@James Brown,

it's ok. I usually leave ridiculously long posts/comments, but when I'm short...especially when I have to be like when I'm busy at work or something, I always feel like I was rude. I don't ever mean to be, but it just feels like that sometimes because I am used to leaving such long posts usually. I have recently just been ridiculously busy at work, but thankfully some things lightened up today a little bit. For like a day or two (maybe -- if I am lucky)


@WebManWalking - lmao! That is great!

Here's another annoying thing that I do that is probably a huge aggravation to other people, including other programmers, but I think especially people who weren't in the web development field wouldn't understand this: I have 50 applications open, including a few web browsers. Maybe this is a bit of an exageration. But often times, I need my db open, my code editor, and I need to test in all of the different browsers, and I would rather have them open than to have to keep opening and closing them all day. And within each browser, I have several (at least) tabs up. You may appreciate this, @Ben, but at times, I have more than one window open with your site. :-) There may be more than one topic in ColdFusion I need advice in, so there have even been times when I had 3 tabs open that had your site in them, with different posts in each (a jquery one, a database one, and one describing how to do something using css). But yes, lots of apps and little boxes at the bottom of my screen to click on for each app. Oh the horror! :-D


Who is this guy in the picture? I've seen this in our company lounge, only with a different quote after "I don't always...."

Is this something like the guy in the picture with Tiger Woods that went viral last year? lol


@Robin - it's Jonathan Goldsmith, the Most Interesting Man in the World, from a Dos Equis commercial.. not sure if there's anymore background on this, though.


It would be hard to say who is "The Most Interesting Woman Alive On ColdFusion" and to say anything about her, because there are so few of us. In my personal opinion, just having a woman be into ColdFusion and know anything about it period is an interesting fact -- that alone makes her quite an intereseting character indeed. :-)

Speaking of interesting and ColdFusion and working on the test server versus the live server...I just pulled up my last ColdFusion report that I wrote on the live server and on the test server, and the test web site which is hosting the report has the page coming up as completely blank. FREAKIN' AWESOME, DUDE!!! Thank goodness for live!!! I guess I am going to have to go and copy the code down from live onto test and go from there. Thankfully, my live report is showing beautifully and perfectly. I have no idea what happened to my test code. I thought maybe it was some sort of data irregulartity, so I re-ran the data for the report, to no avail. Oh well. TGF live!!!



Ha ha ha ha, that was awesome!


You should have as many windows open with my Site as is necessary (and then add 2 or 3 more just for good measure).


It's from a beer commercial.


Ben, you need to edit this photo and put your own body in a suit making the same pose.

Test out your P'shop skillz!

And, yes, I've screwed up Production more than once with things that /shouldn't have/ screwed up Prod. Ugh. I won't ever learn.



I always like a good photoshop challenge; though, I can get super frustrated when I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing :D



Don't joke, I have probably had that situation going on at one point during my programming career. Sometimes I need at least one open for CSS tips, one for ColdFusion, one for database, one for JavaScript, one for JQuery, maybe two for Ajax. :-)

And dude, I love photoshop and doing photoshop stuff. I was working at one point as a photoshop technician for a little while. It's great being paid to do that kind of work. :-) My favorite is probably putting my head on a muscular hot man's body...a man with a hot body. That's always fun and interesting. :-D But there's always the utility of taking off cellulite as well, which is useful. }:^D <~~~~ in certain fields, that is where the big money is. >:^)

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