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Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2013 (Bloomington, MN) with: Heather Harkins
Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2013 (Bloomington, MN) with: Heather Harkins

CFUNITED Rocks - ColdFusion Rocks - You Guys Rock

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As you know, this year I attended CFUNITED for the first time, and let me say, it was a total blast. I wanted to thank everyone who came up to say and Hi and generally make me feel welcome. I think the people who attend CFUNITED are such a testament to the high level of people in the ColdFusion community in general; everyone was just so nice and friendly and again, it was just a total blast.

On a related note, the second day there I was wearing an "I [Heart] ColdFusion" shirt that I had made. A few people had asked to get one and I didn't have them on me at the time and by the time I did have them, I didn't see them [you] again. So, if you I talked to you and you didn't get a shirt, just contact me at ben[ at ] Of course if anyone else wants one, I have a few, so just email me.


I Heart ColdFusion T-Shirt  

I'll see you guys next year for sure!

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Hi . . . I did recognize you but I have to say I was a little too intimidated to actually say hi to you. ;-) I was the woman with glasses and red sweater sitting in the front row banging away on my Mac laptop . . .



Sorry you didn't come up and say Hi. Trust me, you have nothing to be intimidated about :) I was just nervous being there for the first time, so the more people that said hi, the better I felt.

I remember you though, I think I sat behind you at the Unit Testing with Paul Kenny and also in the CF8 and Ajax one (I can't quite remember if that was the one, but I remember the room and seating position).

"Still, its really good to [be] with others who are just as passionate about ColdFusion as I am."

Very true :D

Be sure to come up and say Hi next year.


Great to see you again. For the first two days I thought you were just an elaborate hoax - everyone I met was like "yeah, I was just talking to Ben" and I couldn't find you anywhere. Glad we finally met up at the Fusion Authority booth.

Guessing you're still pumped from the conference given the number of postings you did today. You know that you're hurting my productivity with all your blog postings - payback, I guess :->


Ben, it was great to finally get a chance to meet you and talk with you for the CFUnited podcast.

@Peter, always a pleasure to talk with you and get a first-hand explanation of code/application generation.

CFUnited 07 was great and for me perhaps the most enjoyable yet. You both exude a contagious enthusiasm for CF and for web development in general. I haven't been this motivated to get back to work in a long time!


It was great to meet you, and I look forward to seeing you again at next years conference!
Yes, I am already looking ahead to next year!

As always, I had a great time and really got a lot out of talking in person with everyone I interact with and read online.

While some of the classes were definately worthwhile, I really get more out of the networking and face to face discussions than most of the classes I attend. When you work alone like I do, you really can't put a pricetag on being able to talk shop with so many like minded ColdFusion developers all in one place.


It was funny how the more well known names in CF development were treated like celebrities at CFUnited. Of course I'm no better. When you stepped out next to me at the dunk tank, I thought "omg! That's Ben!" before turning to say hi.


@Christian, Thanks! Always great to meet you too, and I still love your piece at the keynote - a man of many voices (and talents) :->



I know what you mean. Kevin Roche told me you might be looking for me on like the first day and it wasn't till like half way through the second that I actually saw you. The House Of Fusion booth was definitely the place to be :)


I had so much fun on the pod cast. It was hard to fight the urge to stare directly into the microphone, but I think it went quite nicely. I am really glad to hear that you are so enthused about ColdFusion now. I hope after CFUNITED we all are.


It was great meeting you. Thanks for sticking around and talking to me through just about the entire Zoo exhibit - the more alcohol that gets involved, the more I feel out of place in social situations - so thanks for making hanging with me.

I agree though, the social scene is so valuable. Even for me, where I work with like 10 other CF developers, its not liking coming to a conference and being able to talk shop to other people who love ColdFusion.


It was a pleasure. And like I keep saying, I want to keep going somewhere with all that WoW stuff - gotta bone up on my web service skills. This won't be the last you've heard of me :)


Hey Ben, it was great talking with you at the Zoo and the sessions we ended up in after. I've never been a big blog reader but yours has changed my mind! You can definitely tell the conference got you fired up - I've spent most of the day catching up on emails while you've posted what, 4 or 5 blog entries!?!

Love the shirt, too. :)

You should post the cool pic of your cat looking evil - it's a great pic!



Ben, it was great meeting you and being able to buy a drink (err, water) to one of the most prolific bloggers out there... well, until Peter Bell shuts up for a minute ;)



It was great meeting you. Looking forward to that Web v.2 you had mentioned. Nothing like some infinite bandwidth :)


Great to finally meet you. Thanks for helping out with the BoF groups and generally being friendly to the 'new guy'.


Hey Ben,
Great to meet you at CFUnited. This was my first too and it was really great interacting with all you great folks from the community.

And ya.. thanks for the cab ride :-)


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