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Ben Nadel at CFinNC 2009 (Raleigh, North Carolina) with: Bob Silverberg
Ben Nadel at CFinNC 2009 (Raleigh, North Carolina) with: Bob Silverberg ( @elegant_chaos )

ColdFusion UDF For Retrieving Surrounding Dates

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Earlier today, Sam suggested that I wrap at least some of my surrounding date algorithms in a ColdFusion user defined function. Here is my UDF, GetSurroundingDates(), that wraps all those dates up in a struct and returns it:

	hint="Returns the start and end dates of all same-year dates relavent to the given date.">

	<!--- Define arguments. --->

	<!--- Set up local scope. --->
	<cfset var LOCAL = StructNew() />

		Start out fixing the passed in date. Fixing it will
		remove the time and result in a date-only values. This
		value will be echoed back in the resultant struct.
	<cfset LOCAL.Date = DateFormat( ARGUMENTS.Date ) />

	<!--- Get the start and end date of the week. --->
	<cfset LOCAL.WeekStart = DateFormat( LOCAL.Date - DayOfWeek( ARGUMENTS.Date ) + 1 ) />
	<cfset LOCAL.WeekEnd = DateFormat( LOCAL.WeekStart + 6 ) />

	<!--- Get the start and end of the month. --->
	<cfset LOCAL.MonthStart = DateFormat( LOCAL.Date - Day( LOCAL.Date ) + 1 ) />
	<cfset LOCAL.MonthEnd = DateFormat( LOCAL.Date + (DaysInMonth( LOCAL.Date ) - Day( LOCAL.Date )) ) />

	<!--- Get the start and end of the calendar month. --->
	<cfset LOCAL.CalendarMonthStart = DateFormat( LOCAL.MonthStart - DayOfWeek( LOCAL.MonthStart ) + 1 ) />
	<cfset LOCAL.CalendarMonthEnd = DateFormat( LOCAL.MonthEnd + (7 - DayOfWeek( LOCAL.MonthEnd )) ) />

	<!--- Get the start and end of the year. --->
	<cfset LOCAL.YearStart = DateFormat( CreateDate( Year( LOCAL.Date ), 1, 1 ) ) />
	<cfset LOCAL.YearEnd = DateFormat( CreateDate( Year( LOCAL.Date ), 12, 31 ) ) />

	<!--- Return the surrounding dates. --->
	<cfreturn LOCAL />

Calling it:

	Get today as the given date. We don't care about
	fixing the date as the ColdFusion UDF will take
	care of that for us.
<cfset dtToday = Now() />

<!--- Dump out resultant struct. --->
	var="#GetSurroundingDates( dtToday )#"
	label="Surronding Dates - #DateFormat( dtToday )#"

... we get the following output:

Get Surrounding Dates In ColdFusion

I put the DateFormat() calls inside of the GetSurroundingDates() ColdFusion UDF for ease of use, but honestly, these are just overkill to me. I enjoy working with numeric dates so I don't care that dates coming out of it would be numeric (would fail IsDate() method calls). Once you get comfortable with numeric dates, I would recommend stripping out those DateFormat() calls as they do nothing significant but add to processing overhead.

Want to use code from this post? Check out the license.

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good on yer, Ben,

the next step is submitting the UDF to so it'll spread around the world for evermore (well, that's perhaps going a bit far but you get the idea...)

just a thought

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