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Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2009 (Lansdowne, VA) with: Gail "Montreal" Shoffey Keeler
Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2009 (Lansdowne, VA) with: Gail "Montreal" Shoffey Keeler

Adding New Regular Expression Parsing To My JRegEx Project For ColdFusion

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As part of the recent Regular Expression Day celebrations, I was working on some fun and exciting ways to parse strings and lists using RegEx patterns in ColdFusion. As a quick follow-up to those joyous outbursts, I've gone and added those new methods to my JRegEx ColdFusion component. In fact, I've added a new JRegExList.cfc component to this project for list-specific parsing - I didn't want to mix the two genres together.

View this code in my JRegEx project on GitHub.

Here's a breakdown of the new methods that I added:

JRegEx.cfc (existing ColdFusion component)

  • jreAfter( targetText, patternText ) :: String
  • jreAfterLast( targetText, patternText ) :: String
  • jreBefore( targetText, patternText ) :: String
  • jreBeforeLast( targetText, patternText ) :: String
  • jreEndingWith( targetText, patternText ) :: String
  • jreEndsWith( targetText, patternText ) :: Boolean
  • jreStartingWith( targetText, patternText ) :: String
  • jreStartsWith( targetText, patternText ) :: Boolean

JRegExList.cfc (entirely new ColdFusion component)

  • jreListFirst( list, delimiterPattern [, includeEmptyFields] ) :: String
  • jreListGetAt( list, position, delimiterPattern [, includeEmptyFields] ) :: String
  • jreListLast( list, delimiterPattern [, includeEmptyFields] ) :: String
  • jreListLen( list, delimiterPattern [, includeEmptyFields] ) :: Number
  • jreListMap( list, callback, delimiterPattern [, includeEmptyFields] ) :: String
  • jreListRest( list, delimiterPattern [, includeEmptyFields] ) :: String
  • jreListSetAt( list, position, value, delimiterPattern [, includeEmptyFields] ) :: String
  • jreListToArray( list, delimiterPattern [, includeEmptyFields] ) :: Array
  • jreSegment( list, delimiterPattern ) :: Array

After looking at this list, I might remove the List prefix on the methods. Since they are already part of a ColdFusion component that has List in the name, I'm not sure we need the redundancy in the method names as well.

NOTE: The jre prefix on all the method names is to avoid any collision with built-in ColdFusion functions.

Keep on parsing, my friends!

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