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K replied to a post The User Experience (UX) Of Disabled Form Buttons

I have to disagree, while the "not-enabling-after-autofill" is indeed a bug itself and needs to be ironed out, I feel like that making a round trip to server validation only to return a message to indicate missing field is not necessary and can lead to slowdowns if connection is poor like you are on... read entire comment from K.

I believe in love. I believe in compassion. I believe in human rights. I believe that we can afford to give more of these gifts to the world around us because it costs us nothing to be decent and kind and understanding. And, I want you to know that when you land on this site, you are accepted for who you are, no matter how you identify, what truths you live, or whatever kind of goofy shit makes you feel alive! Rock on with your bad self!
Ben Nadel