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Ben Nadel
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ColdFusion 8 Release Party Fun (Awesome Cake!)

By Ben Nadel on
Tags: ColdFusion, Work

Last night, my company, Nylon Technology, hosted a highly impromptu ColdFusion 8 release party at our office for the New York ColdFusion Users Group. We actually got a suprisingly good turn out for such a short notice and it was a lot of fun; free food, free beer, conversations about ColdFusion 8 going on all over the place - what more could you ask for. I wanted to thank everyone for showing up and making the evening a success.

Judith Dinowitz showed up with a ColdFusion 8 Scorpio style cake which I thought just looked awesome!


ColdFusion 8 Release Party Scorpio Cake  

It also happened to be delicious!

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