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Ben Nadel at RIA Unleashed (Nov. 2010) with: Yuk Miu
Ben Nadel at RIA Unleashed (Nov. 2010) with: Yuk Miu

jQuery v1.1.3 Now 800% Faster (At The Same Size File)!

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Rey Bango just told me some crazy fantastic news. jQuery v.1.1.3 was just released and is now 800% faster than its predecessor. And, through some black magic voodoo, they have managed to keep the file size at around 20K. According to Rey's site, here are some of the key features (I have removed a few of the less relevant):

  • Increased selector speed by 800% without increasing the size of the library (still 20kb).
  • Added a ton of new selectors.
  • Improved the performance of our animations
  • Revamped and overhauled event system
  • jQuery UI - Our new initiative to build a whole new Drag & Drop library from the ground up with speed and extensibility taken into consideration

If you STILL haven't checked out jQuery, you really should. It's a very powerful Javascript library who's whole philosophy is based on creating a very small, very simple API that can be leveraged and extended to create almost any solution. And, just like the ColdFusion community, the jQuery community and mailing list is full of people who want nothing more than to help you master jQuery and spread the good word. Of course, when you have a product that's so easy to believe in, it's no wonder people are so willing to get behind it.

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jQuery rocks! But 1.1.3 broke my fadeIn effect for some reason. I need to spend some time and figure that one out...



I would hop on over to Rey's blog (the first link in the beginning of this post) and post a comment on his entry. He is one of the promoters/developers of jQuery and I am sure he will be able to address this better than I am.


JQuery is superb, but this new version causes Safari to crash. The update hasn't fixed the issue either, so I've had to downgrade all my sites back to 1.1.2. It may be 800% slower, but at least it's stable cross-browser.

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