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Ben Nadel at the New York ColdFusion User Group (Nov. 2009) with: Ruslan Sivak
Ben Nadel at the New York ColdFusion User Group (Nov. 2009) with: Ruslan Sivak

Come Work With Me At Nylon Technology (NYC ColdFusion Job Opportunity)

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My employer, Nylon Technology, now has employment opportunities available in the New York City area. If you read my blog and like what I do and think you might want to work along side me (or if you simply want a ColdFusion job), check out the job description below:

Nylon Technology

About Us

We are a New York City-based software company that builds web-based systems including websites, intranets, extranets, content management and database solutions. We focus on the technology portion of web projects and partner with design agencies to provide the interface design.

We work in a bright office on 29th Street and 7th Avenue with tons of windows. We embrace the team spirit, while valuing the individual. We have bi-weekly learning meetings to share knowledge among our developers. It's a fairly informal environment, but we are serious about our work. We have been in business since 1997.

Job Description

We are looking for a detail-oriented web developer with around two years of professional experience building websites. Advanced HTML/DHTML/JavaScript and intermediate Cold Fusion and SQL skills are a must. .NET is a serious plus. Other languages are a plus.

You will be surrounded by advanced web application developers using primarily Cold Fusion and SQL Server, so this position will offer great growth and learning potential.

You will interact directly with clients, so communication skills are also important. The position is full-time and includes health benefits and a 401K plan.

Next Step

If you are interested, please send your resume to jobs[ at ] In your cover email, include:

  1. Desired salary range
  2. City where you live
  3. When you would be available for an interview
  4. When you would be available to start

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Thank you very much!

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