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Ben Nadel at the New York ColdFusion User Group (Mar. 2009) with: Jeff Coughlin
Ben Nadel at the New York ColdFusion User Group (Mar. 2009) with: Jeff Coughlin ( @jeffcoughlin )

Inline Code Snippets Can Now Be Downloaded As One Zip File

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A few days ago, Boyan Kostadinov suggested that I add functionality that would allow users to download all the code snippets of a given blog entry as one zip file (as opposed to downloading each snippet individually). That suggestion is now a reality; for all blog entries that have more than one code snippet, there is now a Download Zip link at the bottom of the blog entry content.

It is not doing anything fancy about the file names and types - every code snippet gets stored as a text (TXT) file with an incrementing ID. You will have to rename the files yourself into the appropriate file type. Since the blog entry has no sense of what kind of snippet it is, there was nothing I could do.

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Sure. You can have more than one :-) Not sure how great it is but here is an idea: offer inline comments form for those that have JavaScript enabled. It's would be swell to be able post comments without forget what I was posting about.



here is another idea I've been playing around for a while. Not sure how doable it would be but it would be pretty damn cool if done. It's basically a way to execute your sample code on your site in a kind of a sandbox. So when you post a snippet, there is an option to execute it and see the results. That would also save you from having to post the output yourself. Just a thought.



I have thought about doing some sort of sandbox feature, but my site is on my company's production server and I just think they would ever forgive me I let something malicious happen :) But it is a cool idea.

As for the inline commenting... I like it. It might a bit of effort. Maybe I can do a half-way thing and have a pop-up option like the BlogCFC does.

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