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Ben Nadel at the jQuery Conference 2010 (Boston, MA) with: Justin Alpino
Ben Nadel at the jQuery Conference 2010 (Boston, MA) with: Justin Alpino ( @jalpino )

Nylon Technology Presentation: ColdFusion Query Object Primer

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Here at Nylon Technology we have bi-weekly staff meetings where one of us gives a presentation on some sort of technology. I have gone a bunch of times and it is a lot of fun (although, with no projector or computer it's hard to come up with acceptable topics to talk about). This morning, I am going to give a primer on the ColdFusion query object. I am sure a lot of it will be review for these people (my co-workers), but hopefully they will learn a thing or two - doesn't that make it all worth it?

Here it is in Microsoft Word DOC format: CFQueryPresentation.doc

I have not had time to put it into a pretty HTML format. I doubt that I will, as much of what is discussed in the document has already been covered on my site previously (in better formatting with more fleshed out explanations). Enjoy!

Note: This is not a SQL presentation, but a discussion of the QUERY object itself.

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Ben - thanks for posting this. I did learn something new. Didn't know you could use ArraySum to sum all the values stored in a query column. I've been doing it manually.


Hey if you guys liked the paper version of the presentation, you should have seen the live show! it was superb! I even stayed awake for it! (damn early meetings)

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