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Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2010 (Landsdown, VA) with: Jude Lehman and Rachel Lehman
Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2010 (Landsdown, VA) with: Jude Lehman ( @ judewayne ) Rachel Lehman ( @ raelehman )

Shloime Henig Points Out HUGE Error In My Current Anti-Spam Technique

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Shloime Henig contacted me a few days ago to point out a HUGE issue he found with my anti-spam form submissions technique. I use a number of hidden form fields that a standard user will not see to help me separate the good users from the spam bots. The problem, as Shloime pointed out, is that if any one has form auto-fill turned on in their browser (via some Browser plugin or what-have-you), it will alter the hidden fields unbeknown to the user.

Altering these fields, of course, makes my code thing that the form was submitted by a spam bot and rejects them. I am sorry if this has happened to any of you (getting your comments rejected). I am going to be moving to a much more simple technique (version 4) very soon.

Thanks Shloime, you rock!

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It is going to be, in part, based on the stuff Michael Dinowitz did, but not using an application-scoped key. Who knows, we will see.


Yeah, I thought of that in my own implementation. You should still use the same words in the field names so hopefully the bot or [human] bot configurer will still try to enter data into them. So I was using URL2 and email2 in a test so as to not trigger the autofill of google toolbar or the like...

I've been reading your anti-spam techniques and appreciate them, so I wanted to pass on this related article that I thought had some really interesting techniques too:


What if you used a textarea with style="display:none;", rather than an input with type="hidden"? Do common autofill apps try to autofill textareas as well as inputs?



Yeah, I think I am gonna end up doing something like that. That's how my previous anti-spam technique worked. I just need to tweak and simplify.


@Dan, @Steve,

Yeah, that is what I have done. In conjunction with the encrypted timestamp, I have added a hidden textarea or two. Dan, it was cool to know those had a name, Honeypot. Good stuff.

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