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Ben Nadel at InVision Office 2011 (New York City) with: Lindsey Root and Adam Root and Clark Valberg
Ben Nadel at InVision Office 2011 (New York City) with: Lindsey Root ( @lowcarblindsey ) Adam Root ( @adamroot ) Clark Valberg ( @clarkvalberg )

Working Code Podcast - Episode 169: Earning Potential Of Spaces

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Several years ago, Stack Overflow noticed a small but surprising trend within their 2017 Developer Survey data. Even when attempting to adjust for several factors, it seems that the programmers who indent their code with spaces (as opposed to with tabs) have a higher earning potential. As an example of programmers who love using tabs, the hosts of the show offer up theories about this strange finding.

I present a tongue-in-cheek theory that the cohort of developers who prefer spaces over tabs probably has a higher percentage of psychopaths within it. This isn't completely random—it's documented that the percentage of psychopaths increases as you travel up the org-chart (see Forbes: Senior Executives Are More Likely To Be Psychopaths, and BigThink: How many "corporate psychopaths" are CEOs?).

I'm not suggesting that all developers who use spaces are psychopaths. Nor am I suggesting that developers who use tabs are not psychopaths. I only suggest that the "spaces" cohort has a higher percentage. Which is really just suggested in funny-ha-ha manner.

All that and more on this week's show:

... featuring these beautiful, beautiful people:

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