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Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2011 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Steve Withington
Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2011 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Steve Withington ( @stevewithington )

Working Code Podcast - Episode 004: Impostor Syndrome

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Impostor Syndrome is a psychological pattern in which people doubt their skills, talents, and accomplishments. Most of us have felt something like this in our careers, whether it's a fleeting moment or a persistent fear that we're going to be discovered as frauds (at any moment!). These feelings can be overwhelming, even debilitating; but, they can also drive us towards self-improvement and get us to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones.

This week, the crew talks about their own mistakes, feelings of fraud, and how Impostor Syndrome manifests in their own careers.

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Triumphs & Failures

  • Adam's Failure - Adam accidentally destroyed a database by running a migration script on the wrong database! Thankfully it was a QA (Quality Assurance) database which could be restored - no critical client-data was lost.

  • Ben's Triumph - He's deleted 200K lines of unused vendor code. That means shipping less code to production with every deployment. He also merged one of his unnecessary microservices back into the monolith.

    Tune-In Next Week: The next episode of the Working Code podcast is all about merging microservices back into the monolith. Tune-in for hot-takes and a closer look at how teams organize around service ownership.

  • Carol's Triumph - She's not dying! Woot woot! She had gotten COVID-19 right on the heels of a kidney infection; but it is currently feeling much better (and is nursing her sons back to health as well).

  • Tim's Triumph - He's been playing around with Redis as a means to make his applications more resilient. One thing he wants to do is centralize his Session management such that he can pushed new code to production without having to reset user-session data.

Notes & Links

Follow the show! Our website is and we're @WorkingCodePod on Twitter. New episodes weekly on Wednesday.

Reader Comments

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