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The SublimeText 3 Extended Find Results Tab Is A "Living Document"

By Ben Nadel on
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I'm a huge SublimeText 3 fan. From its blazing fast fuzzy-text file matching to its multi-cursor / multi-selection support, it never fails to disappoint. Which is why I use it all day, every day. Among the features that I leverage often is the extended Find-and-Replace. And, one thing that you might not know about the Find-And-Replace feature is that the Find Results tab is actually a living document. Meaning, you can edit it, add notes, move results around, delete results and it continues to work. I don't necessarily use this aspect of it all that often; but, I find it fascinating how many little details SublimeText just gets right. As such, I wanted to put together a quick video demo:

As you can see, I can do whatever I want in the Find Results tab and it "just works". The matching results continue to be clickable and interactive; and, I can add notes to myself when dealing with a lot of related searches.

One note of caution, however, is that SublimeText won't warn you if you're about to close a Find Results tab that you've edited. Unlike a "traditional" document with unsaved changes, you can accidentally close a Find Results tab you've been working with. And META+Shift+T won't re-open your results.

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