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Ben Nadel at the jQuery Conference 2009 (Cambridge, MA) with: Rebecca Murphey
Ben Nadel at the jQuery Conference 2009 (Cambridge, MA) with: Rebecca Murphey ( @rmurphey )

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March 21, 2006 I attended a NYCFUG meeting feature speaker Peter Bell. He spoke to the advantages of "Application Generation," claiming that around 85% of code for an application could be generated. He even claimed that most applications could be created in a day, no matter how complex, and if they could not, then the programmers were not smart enough to see the abstractions.

He got us all thinking, questioning the importance of our jobs as coders. We eagerly anticipated the launch of, a site set up to discuss everything about application generation, due to go live that Friday (24th of March); however, over a month later, the site is still not live.

I find it tremendously ironic that the company that talked about the efficiency of code generation has not been able to find the time to launch their site. Does anyone else see the "funny" in this? As wierd as the situation is, I am still looking foward to the launch of this site and learning more about code generation.

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Oops - this is embarassing. I missed this first time round and just caught it from one of your "if you don't lose it, you use it" emails!

Lots of balls in the air and been trying to prioritie them all given I'm CEO, CTO, chief (only) programmer, writer, lecturer, working on CF Template, LightWire and CFGen, but currently mostly focused on an internal framework which will be the core of the SystemsForge business.

Oh and I manage hosting for 90 clients and build 3-5 projects a month.

You're right though - pretty sad. I *wil* be back into the code gen piece of what I do some time in the next month or two and will make sure to let everyone know when CF Template is alive!

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