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You've Kissed The Lips Of JavaScripts

By Ben Nadel on

The other day, I was presenting an argument that Frameworks and Libraries can make you a better JavaScript programmer. In that write-up, I was reminiscing about the power of jQuery (which is not unusual for me); and, about how much jQuery has given me over the years. This got me all fuzzy and sentimental and I started to think about the outro theme song for the Official jQuery Podcast by Ralph Whitbeck and Rey Bango. I remember how much it used to make me smile at the end of every episode (after it was introduced in episode 9). When I tried to Google for the lyrics, however, I was shocked to find ... nothing! I felt this situtation had to be remedied.



This theme song was composed by Jonathan Neal (bandcamp link):

I tried to get you!
Oh I tried, but I got it wrong.
So I wanna take you!
To a place where we belong.

Where you got it easy!
And it all starts with a dollar sign.

And then you got it -
You got it -
You dot it -
You mod it -
You do anything you want it to do!
Cause it's all for - all for you!


You've seen the signs,
You've felt the beats,
It's time to meet with jQuery.
You've kissed the lips of JavaScripts -
It's time to quip with jQuery.

Doesn't that just make you smile?

Happy New Year! Here's to a future of wonderful programming that certainly builds on the shoulders of the giants who have come before us.

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