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Ben Nadel at The Plaza Hotel 2012 (New York City) with: Judson Terrell
Ben Nadel at The Plaza Hotel 2012 (New York City) with: Judson Terrell

Project HUGE : Week One Complete

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The first week of my journey back into the world of fitness and health went well. My scheduling was a little odd, but hey, come on, it was my birthday, and what can I say - People want to hang out with me. But after moving some days around, I fit all three workouts in. The second and third were back to back (fri-sat), so Saturday was a little hurt due to tiredness, but all together, went well.

Here are the baseline results for my first push / pull days:

Day 2 : Shoulder / Chest / Biceps

Dumbbell Over Head Press

40 x 12
45 x 10
50 x 8
55 x 6 (very hard 6)

Dumbbell Chest Press

40 x 12
45 x 10
50 x 8
55 x 6 (very hard 6)

Assisted Dips

-100 x 12
-80 x 10
-60 x 7 (failure)
-60 x 6 (failure)

Barbell Curls

40 x 12
50 x 10
60 x 8
70 x 4 (failure)

Unilateral Dumbbell Preacher Curls

15 x 20
20 x 10
25 x 5 (failure)
20 x 6 (failure)

Day two went pretty well. I am strong on my shoulders than I am on my chest. I don't think I have ever had that. It's a testament to my prioritizing the shoulder during rehab. Also, my shoulder felt pretty good during the whole thing. The assisted dips felt a little funny, but mostly because by that time my arms were so tired. All in all, it was a good day.

Day 3 : Back / Triceps / Calves

Dead Lift

225 x 10
245 x 8
265 x 6
295 x 6 (very hard)

Lateral Pull Down

90 x 12
105 x 10
120 x 8
135 x 8

Narrow-Grip Cable Row

75 x 12
90 x 10
105 x 8
120 x 8

E-Z Skull Crushers

50 x 12
60 x 10
70 x 8 (very hard)
80 x 5 (failure)

Cable Tricep Push Down

40 x 12
50 x 10
60 x 3 (failure)
50 x 6 (failure)

Seated Leg-Press Calves

235 x 15
255 x 12
275 x 9
295 x 6 (very hard)

So, as you can see, I really started to taper off at the end of the third day. Everything just started to feel hard. But, I'll tell you, it was nice to dead lift again. Nothing more romantic than just picking heavy stuff off the floor. I even got out my old wrist straps. I stopped using wrist straps for a long time because I wanted my forearm strength to get better. Forget about it though - I am not dead lifting for forearms... I am dead lifting for powerful ass and back. I don't want my forearms to be a factor.

So, I have decided not to do a new workout this week. I am going to repeat week one. I figure that will give me stuff to shoot for and beat. I think I will go in two week cycles. Keep the body guessing, but at the same time, not mix it up so much that I never know what weights I am shooting for.

My body feels all tight today. My back all the way through my neck and traps is all tight and tweaky from the dead lifting. It's gonna be interesting to see how the squats work out tonight.

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