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Ben Nadel at Blue Smoke (New York City, NY) with: Claude Englebert
Ben Nadel at Blue Smoke (New York City, NY) with: Claude Englebert@cfemea )

Arrays By Reference In ColdFusion .... Sort Of

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I thought I was onto something GREAT concerning passing arrays by reference in ColdFusion. Tom, over on the House of Fusion's CF-Talk list, just pointed out that ArrayResize() has casting issues. I don't know how to deal with this as it is happening internally to a ColdFusion built-in method.

After doing some Google searches, it seems that other people has similar problems (several years ago... I guess I am slow off the block). Specifically, I found posts by Aaron Johnson and Tim Blair that talked about creating your own Java wrapper class. To deal with this.


I am irritated right now for several reasons. Firstly, I thought I was onto something really really cool here. Although I can still use this methodology internally to stuff, I would rather have it globally useful. And secondly, these people dealt with similar issues several years ago! Ugg! Why did I not know this stuff. Why am I only learning it now. Why am I so slow off the block????

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