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Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2012 (Minneapolis, MN) with: James Husum
Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2012 (Minneapolis, MN) with: James Husum

Trying Eclipse Again And 15 Minutes Later Already Irritated

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We had a staff meeting last week and a co-worker of mine was talking about how great (CF)Eclipse is. So, I thought I would give it another shot and after 15 minutes, I was already irritated. I was just getting into setting it up when I tried to create my snippets and wouldn't you know it... nothing happened. I tried to create a Snippet Folder, entered the name, hit enter and NOTHING. The pop-up didn't close. The snippet folder didn't get created. I tried clicking on the "OK" button. Nothing. So I tried just creating a snippet. Same thing. Nothing happened. Couldn't get it to work at all. Tried restarting my Eclipse editor. NOTHING!!!

Finally got it to work by closing the Snippet Tree view, then re-opening the Snippet Tree view. Now it works. Holy cow was that hard! And all I wanted to do was set up my snippets. This will be the fourth time that I have tried to convert to Eclipse (from Macromedia HomeSite) and already I am agitated, and that is not even a CFEclipse thing, that's just Eclipse in and of itself.

But, I am gonna stay calm. My co-work swears by it. So, breathe, breathe, breathe, find a happy place. I am gonna get through this.

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I have it installed, and I watch the Big Names use it in all of their demos, but I just can't get into it. Homesite+ suits me just fine.

I want to be able to use it, as I see things that Ant can do, and I know it would integrate well with my SVN repository ... but I just can't muster the will to fight with beta quality software while I'm coding.


I am gonna give it a day or so. Part of my problem is that while I do work on Big projects, I have like 15 odd and end changes that need to be done every day on random projects that I don't have set up. I see that I can use the FileExporer view, but personally, I hate the directory / file setup in Eclipse. I love how HomeSite breaks it up to directory view and file view - makes so much more sense!

But, we will see. I finally got some Snippets setup and I got some key-commands set up. So far, I am doing better than I was before.


Crap, but now, when I try to open up any thing via the Eclipse FileExporer view it tells me there was an error and to view the error log :(

Now, I just have to find the error log and see if it makes any sense.


I found the same error when trying to use eclipse file view to open multiple files in different locations. What ended up fixing the problem was creating a project with that mapped drive. Then I was able to access any files under that directory like what homesite exlplorer did. A big pain but the work around we found.



I appreciate the tip. To be honest, I am back on the Homesite wagon again :) It's just tooo easy to work with.

I will try your tip the next time around. Thanks.


Dont feel bad I to have tried CFEclipse about 3 times this weekend being the third time. I tried setting up my snippets because ColdFusion Studio handles them so well (Yes I said CF Studio, knock it but it does the job and then some) so I tried setting them up in CFEclipse and nothing. I have so much tension in my shoulders I am about to curl up in a fetal position and rock myself in my happy place. but before I do that does anyone know of a video that shows you how to use CFEclipse?