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Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2009 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Dan Vega
Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2009 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Dan Vega ( @cfaddict )

SOTR 2013 - The Best Conference I Never Went To

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While I've been to Scotch on the Rocks a few times before, I haven't been able to attend the last two years. Or, so I thought! That, was, until James Allen started tweeting photos of me hanging out in the crowd, giving thumbs up.


James Allen tweeting about #NotBen at SOTR 2013.  

It turns out that mastermind, David Boyer, had put together a "Ben Nadel" mask that he was rocking out at the conference. The last few days have shed light on the hilarious, often laugh-out-loud journey of #NotBen through the cheeky crowd at Scotch on the Rocks.

See: David Boyer's blog post about the conference.

See: James Allen's Google+ photo gallery.

And, what started out in photos, ended in the most epic video I have ever seen!!!



You guys blow my mind! It looks like you had an awesome conference and I am beyond thrilled that you thought to include me!

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You're more than welcome Ben. Just glad you took it well ;) Like I mentioned in my blog post, it all just started out as a little joke about how we all love having our Ben Nadel photos taken. No Ben, no photos, couldn't have that happen!

As it gained momentum, there was no way to stop it ;) Awesome to know you enjoyed being at SotR13 without even being there!

P.s. Did you spot your "No comments" pose turned into a dance in the first half of the video? ;)


Ha ha ha . . . that video is soooooo funny! Its been a while since I last commented on this blog, and I just had to come back to see it.


Ben, seeing as this whole photos with ben thing is a bit of a phenomena now, perhaps you should start doing "I met Ben Nadel" t-shirts.

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