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Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2011 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Brandon Moser
Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2011 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Brandon Moser ( @brandonmoser )

At cf.Objective() 2012 Jason Dean Is Going Down!

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On Thursday May 12 in the year 2011, Jason Dean beat me in an arm wrestling match. Once with his right arm and once with his the left arm. Hardened by a lifetime of unforgiving Minnesotan weather, Jason proved to be a fierce competitor. And, as much as I wanted it, I couldn't even get his arm to budge an inch.


Jason Dean beat Ben Nadel in an arm wrestling match at cf.Objective() 2011.  

Photo credit: Adam Tuttle


Jason Dean beat Ben Nadel in an arm wrestling match at cf.Objective() 2011.  

Photo credit: Sean Coyne

It was a well earned victory. Jason was the stronger man and he certainly put me in my place. But, you better enjoy it now Jason because in one year, YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!!! Don't think I'm just gonna sulk away with my tail between my legs. You've got 365 days to gloat - but in 2012, the day of reckoning will come!


Just announced! #cfobjective 2012 will have an Arm Wrestling BoF Session with a main event grudge match! Nerdy Violence! cc / @bennadel  

I demand satisfaction!

Reader Comments



I just hope you take care of your hands, punk... because I want them to look pretty when I introduce them to the table!!!



Some advice...

LESS reading about female emotions and connecting with your inner self.

MORE protein bars, forearm exercises, biceps exercises. Maybe a couple extra "supplements" from Canada.

Right now, my money is on Ming...rrr...Jason. But, I have faith in your determination. I may hedge my bets as 2012 objective nears. :)



@Ben...might I also suggest Sammy Hagar's Winner Takes It All on repeat during workouts.

@Jason...jelly beans are the breakfast of champions.


You guys need to get your elbows closer together to do proper arm rastlin. Otherwise, you there is too much leverage and Jason's weight "advantage" overwhelms your small frame. You can use that excuse up until next year. ;)



One other observation - Notice how Jason is looking you right in the eye while you're avoiding eye contact. It's important in arm wrestling to portray a slight sense of invincibility. Just my 2 cents!



I'll take any excuse I can get ;)


I plan on putting on some size for next year... then he's in trouble!!!

@Roger V,

I think that's cause I was trying much harder than he was, unfortunately. I was pulling my all in to it. Sadly, it just wasn't enough.


My head is not so round :( I better get my butt in the gym!



I clearly have an issue with the starting positions. Jason has a 45 degree bend in his elbow and Ben is more like 90 degrees. Ben you never had a chance with that advantage.


@Jason Apologists are many, but wait to see who the money is on in 2012. I was wondering if people were trying to influence the Vegas line; however, it might be too early for that.
Preliminary bout at NCDevCon?


Since I have been simultaneously promoted to villan and demoted to underdog in this post, I will gladly:

- Bet against Ben in the 2012 match
- Auction of Ben's arm on EBay after I separate it from his body

In both cases, I will use the money for evil


I wonder if any of these Jason doubters realize you he was in the U.S. Coast Guard... He had to be strong to be a coastie!

I realize Ben throws the weights around a bit, and for that reason I wouldn't discount him, but I wouldn't count Jason out either. I honestly wouldn't have felt comfortable enough to put money down on that match up, but I know Jelly Beans are the real magical fruit that converts directly to muscle in the shoulder... so, assuming Ben doesn't introduce Jelly Beans to his diet, Jason will definitely be the 2012 rematch winner.


I am not surprised Jason won. He's got "Big Guns"!

This is too good to pass up next year, I already started lifting weights. I hope to at least take Ben down! :-)


I say set up a little tournament with a cash prize. I'll dominate both of you while flirting with each of your mothers in a 3-way call on my cell.



True, Jason does have more training; but, now that he's won once, he's lazy. I have the hunger now!


The way I see it, it's just one more day that he can enjoy his 2011 victory. And, I hope he does - cause it will be the last one. 2012 will hail my reign as cf.Objective() arm wrestling champion!


Jason is definitely a big dude!


Ha ha ha ha, that was awesome :)


Oh heck yeah!


@Ben & @Jason -

Just a couple of semi-quick comments -

1) @Jason - Congrats on your victory.

2) I am disappointed in both of you. How come neither one of you has written a program in CF to generate and track the odds of the winner for next year?
You can do a nice "hypothetical" betting/odds making web site, and track who is supporting odd and what the overall odds will be.

Right now, from @Ben's description, if he couldn't move @Jason at all, I would put the odds at 50 to 1 that @Ben wins next year.

Sorry @Ben, I love your web site and all the tech knowledge you share, but if you couldn't move @Jason, you've got a real uphill battle.

But perhaps you gentlemen could create a site that tracks @Ben's workouts, and @Jason jellybean consumption.

Just a thought!

Good luck to both of you!




I've spent the last few days building ceramic models of Jason and then smashing them on the floor. Needless to say, I've been a little busy. But, now that I have that out of my system, perhaps we can come up with something interesting to build :)


Why am I not surprised that you have been making pottery instead of training. ;)

You'll be scrap booking next. Let me know when you finish your cf.Objective() 2011 Scrapbook of Shame. I will order a copy.


@Ben & @Jason -

If you do actually create the site, I could see sections in particular being used:

1) Smack Talk
2) Rumors

1) For the Smack Talk - A daily quip from each opponent.

2) General rumors about each opponents -
Such as, for @Jason, @Jason's been known to do formarm exercises by using Hemi engine blocks.

And then let your followers add their comments in... Could be an entertaining site.




Could I challenge you to a wresting-wrestling match (a wrestling match without "arm" into the description)? Let me remind you of my martial arts training, and before anyone discounts me due to my height and/or size, don't forget the following things:

1. I have nearly a decade of martial arts training under my belt.

2. I have trained in 5 or so different styles of martial arts, some of them focusing on soft-fist, joint locks, throw-downs, etc.

3. I am undefeated in the martial arts games: (1) fists (2) sword & sheild (3) mercy, and probably most importantly because it is very centered around wrestling, (4) 45 seconds.

4. I was a member of the wrestling club in college.

5. I have trained specifically in wrestling, and different types of wrestling as well, including not only the grappling that comes with martial arts training, but also greco-roman, which is similar, and high-school style of wrestling.

It would be an interesting commentary on raw strength vs. skill. In my martial arts classes, I have beaten many men in grappling who were, of course, much stronger on a raw strength-only basis. Technique and skill mean A LOT. The reason I can not contribute to the arm wretling phenomenon and to an increase in your ego (sorry), is because I am a girl, and as such, my upper body is much weaker (in spite of it being strong "for a girl"), and with arm wrestling, a lot of the whole arm strength goes into it...not so much skill and technique. But with the other wrestling I was previously referring to, much more skill and technique plays a bigger part than just raw strength only. Just a thought...

I believe in love. I believe in compassion. I believe in human rights. I believe that we can afford to give more of these gifts to the world around us because it costs us nothing to be decent and kind and understanding. And, I want you to know that when you land on this site, you are accepted for who you are, no matter how you identify, what truths you live, or whatever kind of goofy shit makes you feel alive! Rock on with your bad self!
Ben Nadel