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Ben Nadel at Angular 2 Master Class (New York, NY) with: Albert Melgoza
Ben Nadel at Angular 2 Master Class (New York, NY) with: Albert Melgoza

Google Finally Indexed the Site

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Google finally indexed my site. It was really interesting in terms of the effect on search engine optimization. I finally have confirmation that the Google bot will index my 404-catching type pages (ex. ../porfolio/client-lsit/), which is great because I was afraid my manual setting of 200 status wasn't taking hold.

What I did notice is that of all the pages that were indexed, none of the pages that use the DAX string (ex. index.cfm?dax=blog:4.view) were NOT indexed.

So what to do? Well, I don't want every page on the site to have a pretty URL, or rather I don't want every link to be a pretty URL since it does have some bottle necking as all the pages will be process via my error catcher. I suppose I will have main links be SEO and then once you are in the meat of the site, I can fall back on the faster DAX methodology.

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These were good times when I was beginning as well :) . My own site was shown in Google about 4 months after launch just because I trusted some questionable SEO tools which delivered "guaranteed" results. Fortunately, now I know that natural content and natural links are better than automated tools...

BTW, you could mention how long did it take until you were indexed by G. I mean the period between launching the site and showing in G's index.


Not exactly sure how long. This post was in April, and I think the site started in march or so. So, not too long. But also, I signed up for some RSS feed aggregation and stuff, so that probably helped.