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Ben Nadel at Scotch On The Rock (SOTR) 2010 (London) with: Inga Lamote
Ben Nadel at Scotch On The Rock (SOTR) 2010 (London) with: Inga Lamote

The ColdFusion Application Server Tagline Contest ($50 Amazon Gift Card)

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This morning, I woke up filled with excitement over how awesome the ColdFusion application server is. Typically, I express this excitement in my code; but this morning, I wanted to express my feelings graphically. So I sat down, opened up Adobe Fireworks, and came up with this:

The ColdFusion Application Server - Can You Handle Its Power? It's One Wile Ride.  

The only problem is, I can't think of anything clever to say in conjunction with this imagery. As such, I thought I'd hold a little tagline contest. Suggest a tagline in the comments below and enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card. On July 1st, a winner will be selected from the tagline suggestions.

Reader Comments


ColdFusion Application Server
Unleash your code cowboy

ColdFusion Application Server
Ride the Code-eo

ColdFusion Application Server
Tame your bucking applications

ColdFusion Application Server
Ride 'em Code Boy


"The Da ColdFusion Code"
hey i m just looking inside my mind's database n took this one from my favorite movie "The Da Vinci Code".....dont take it personally if it is good one...but i like it....
by the way....Thank you !


ColdFusion Application Server:
You'll either make tons of money with it or end up in the hospital. Either way you'll empress the crap out of your employers.


"It might be COLD in front, but not when my ass is on U".

I say it as I see it. :-)

Okay, more seriously... "ColdFusion is so comfy you can code in just your socks!" :-)

Na, I prefer the previously suggested "Ride 'em codeboy". (Even though it's a girl in the photo)


ColdFusion - The most powerful thing you'll ever have between your legs that doesn't run on batteries.

Yeah, it's more targeted to the female demographic, but still...


Here's my batch...

ColdFusion Application Server: Because Ben said so, that's why.

Is gooder'n grits.

Save money on the bull, ride a codeboy.

It's so powerful you'll lose your right leg!

ColdFusion Application Server: Easier to use than Adobe Fireworks, apparently.*

*Sorry, couldn't help it haha!


1) kick off your shoes, mount up, and hold on, this is gonna rock your word. YEEHAA!

2) Riding since 1995

3) I'd ride that

4) Making rapid development this much fun since 1995


ColdFusion Application Server.
Because sometimes you need a powerful back end to get the job done.

We listened to what you wanted, and we delivered. Coldfusion Application Server. Now with free-riding cowgirl.


1)She'll be on the bull longer than it'll take you to write your code.

2) The bull wasn't powerful enough for her so she chose ColdFusion.


1) Save time. Ride ColdFusion.

2) Make it look easy. Ride ColdFusion.

3) Ride ColdFusion: Leave everyone wondering how you did it.

4) ColdFusion: Code with one hand and still beat everyone.


I have to say Bart's first tagline is really good:

"ColdFusion Application Server.
Because sometimes you need a powerful back end to get the job done."


Hmm, not sure I wake up thinking about this but .....

Coldfusion, RAD that you can do in your socks.

Coldfusion bucks tired code and makes RAD, "rad" again.

Coldfusion does the job done even with someone riding your back.

If your tired of your boss always riding your back, move to Coldfusion and become a champion coder.


ColdFusion App Server
"Yes. It's just like that."

"Boring website?"

"Does your website... need something?"

"Dull website?"
ColdFusion App Server

Or if you're targeting devs in a trade rag:
"For a different breed of developer."


Entry 1:
This used to be my girlfriend. Then she said she found someone else who could supply all her needs. Damn you ColdFusion (or FML).

Entry 2:
If you use it, they will come.
(Now this sounds like a Kinky Solution)


"Well, I tell ya chum - ColdFusion is like the sterling silver saddle of JUSTICE that developers use to purr their creamy righteousness over the freshly bucked metaphor of mechanical CATTLE."


Coldfusion Application Server...Bucking Awesome.

Coldfusion Application Server...cftry it out, we'll be there to cfcatch you when you're cfthrown.


Caption: Proof that ColdFusion Application Server performs well under a heavy load.

<cfset application.appname='discoRodeo'>
<cfobject name="objOfLust" component="model.buxomBlonde">
<cfset hotornotScore = 7>
<cfset defaultGeekInterestLevel = 9>
<cfset responseRate = hotornotScore * defaultGeekInterestLevel>


Programmer: Cfapp, I'd like to introduce you to someone. We call her "The Heff", but not Heff as in Playboy. It's "Heff" as in small cow. You can say no if you want to...


And the winner is, by random (ColdFusion-powered) selection:

Candace - Unleash your code cowboy

Congratulations Candace! I'll be getting in contact with you via email.

On a personal note, I have to say that the one that had me just tearing up was:

Steve - Rock out with your sock out.

Of course, this might be because I was recently talking to someone about Harold and Kumar in which Niel Patrick Harris says, "Jam out with your clam out"... but that's probably not appropriate :)


Wow!! Thanks so much!! There were some really funny ones. I had a lot of fun with this. Thanks for holding the contest, Ben! :)

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