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Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2010 (Landsdown, VA) with: Chris Hough
Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2010 (Landsdown, VA) with: Chris Hough ( @chrishough )

My Company, Epicenter Consulting, Is Looking For ColdFusion Developers

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Epicenter Consulting, my web application development company, has some exciting projects on the horizon. As such, Clark Valberg and I are looking for some full-time, off-site ColdFusion developers to join our team. This would be an opportunity to work with passionate developers in an environment that promotes best practices, facilitates open communication, and rewards innovative thinking.

Your relationship with Epicenter would start off with some contracting work to ensure that you enjoy working with Epicenter methodologies (such as Interface-Driven Architecture) and feel comfortable with the type of projects we undertake. This contracting position would then move naturally into a full-time, salaried position complete with health benefits, conference opportunities, training events, and other ways in which we can invest in the healthy growth of our team.

If you think we might be a good fit, please apply at the following link:

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What is interface-driven architecture? I went to the website and all that seems to be there is the front-page placeholder.



Interface-Driven Architecture is a process by which the interface is created before any back-end code. In essence, the interface becomes the "spec" document for fabrication phase of the software development life cycle. The interface becomes a living document used to drive discussions with all the relevant stakeholders.


So, basically you mock up wireframes and revise these during your discussions with clients and people who'd be using the sites, and once everyone's pretty much in agreement, you create the code that activate these wireframes?



More or less. We start with wire frames then move to a more high-fidelity UI. But, at the end, the UI is pretty much complete before we write any back-end code. It keeps the conversation very agile and responsive.



I think if you are interested, you should apply. I would have to discuss with my business partner regarding the time-zone difference.


I just tried filling it out and got a 502 from Google..

it's trying again, hopefully it works..and isn't spamming you with my info.


Um Ben I was curious about the interface driven architecture idea. So I clicked on your link. There was nothing there just a placeholder page. Could you give some more information about your interface driven architecture idea. from the sounds of it, its similar to an approach I've uses for a while.



I kind of stumbled into interface-driven development and I like it a lot. By building the interface first, you really get a sense of what types of data each page will need and when it will need them, which in turn helps you plan your architecture to write the least amount of code necessary.

I don't do 100% interface-driven development for now, but I do develop the interface for all core components ahead of time. It's also great for showing things to other non-technical stakeholders and getting real feedback before coding begins.


IDA in spanish is similar to (female) 'mad'. :)

Please, let me know if I could help any way.

Good luck with your job.

Best regards from the most sunny and warm part of Spain.


Gee, Ben, interface-driven architecture sounds like a great subject for an e-book. How about publishing a PDF that explains the concept a little more fully, and include some slick graphics while you are at it. Just a thought.




Sounds cool - I'll let Clark know - IDA is definitely more his brain-child than mine (although I am completely on board with the process!).

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