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Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2012 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Shawn Slaughter
Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2012 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Shawn Slaughter

NYC + Snow + ColdFusion + jQuery = Winter Wonderland

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Last night, we got about 12" of snow here in New York City. It was tremendously beautiful, and I couldn't help but have some fun tramping around in the snowfall.


Snowfall In New York City - Ben Nadel - December 19, 2009.  


Snowfall In New York City - Ben Nadel - December 19, 2009 - I Heart ColdFusion.  


Snowfall In New York City - Ben Nadel - December 19, 2009 - I Heart jQuery.  


Snowfall In New York City - Ben Nadel - December 19, 2009.  

I hope this is just a taste of what's to come. I love the snow!

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Yeah, very true - one night of fun for like weeks of slush, frozen ice, bad parking, and monster-sized puddles. But, I still love it.


You write neater in snow than I do on paper! Out on the island we got close to 2 feet. I shoveled half my driveway and stopped for a break. Oh well, still beats coding in PHP =)


Ha ha.. And when you mentioned jquery fun, I was imagining you made a falling snowflakes plugin in jquery!

Awesome.. I've never been in snow all my life!


Ha ha ha, awesome!
We have tons of snow here, too (Cologne, Germany). I tried to build a snowman today but failed miserably. The snow is too powdery, it just won't stick together.


We've got tons of powdery snow too in England. Tip: build the snowman as big as you can, then gently pour very cold water on it and leave for 2 mins to harden what you've built so far. Repeat.

Ben, you bring comfort and joy to nerds everywhere! ;-) Have a good Christmas.


Man your writing is amazing in snow! I can hardly read my own when on paper, let alone snow. lol.

Looks like awesome fun - proper xmas weather.

The city grinding to a halt with 12 inches of snow is totally understandable. Here in the UK we get 1/2 inch of snow fall and the country descends into chaos.. lol.



Ha ha, yeah, you Floridians have it tough ;)

@James, @Marcos,

That's what my brother says about North Carolina - even a threat of snow and the school is canceled and chaos erupts.


Floridians do have it tough; every year we have to bear the influx of global climate change refugees ... er, snowbirds. That said, I'm happy to have a chance to fetch my winter man card with a visit to Canada over the holidays. Nothing like playing in the white stuff to make you appreciate sunshine and beaches.

@Gareth, are you local to Clearwater? There is CF (well, mostly CF) user group that meets monthly just across the causeway in Tampa.



Looking good my man. Two months to go!

Mine is crazy itchy. It's gotten a little better, but only barely. I'm thinking about keeping it till xmas just to show the family, but then get rid of it. I think my skin is too sensitive or something.



You should have called me, I would of totally went out to profess my love of ColdFusion with you and after I would of tried my very hardest to kick your butt in the snow ;)

Maybe next time it snows you'll think of calling :)


Thank you Mayor Schmuckberg for your heartfelt request for the taxpayers of NYC to remain patient until their streets can be plowed, a testament to the inefficiency of your office and the DOS (bet they plowed your street within minutes). And a big F.U. to the MTA for total suspension of all transportation. Gee, sure wasn't a problem several years ago when transit workers went on strike several days before Christmas severely inconveniencing millions of New Yorkers. All this because it snowed, something that NEVER, EVER happens in NYC, right? I've lived in the city all 59 years of my life and it's tragically laughable that whenever it snows city management acts like it's an 36" snowfall in the Everglades. Wouldn't you think the city would be able to deal with snow by now?

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