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Ben Nadel at RIA Unleashed (Nov. 2009) with: Ryan Stewart and Jesse Warden
Ben Nadel at RIA Unleashed (Nov. 2009) with: Ryan Stewart@ryanstewart ) and Jesse Warden@jesterxl )

ColdFusion MX7 Tags For HomeSite 5.5

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I thought that I had posted this before, but someone asked me for it and I couldn't find it. So anyway, here is a link to the CFMX7 tag updates for HomeSite:

If you love HomeSite like I do, this will keep you in your favorite editor and stay with the times. I think these will actually work for any version of HomeSite, but I have not tested.

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You will be happy to know then, that at the ColdFusion 8 meeting on Tuesday, Ben Forta said that Adobe would be updating the HomeSite tags for CF8 !!!


Haven't used Homesite on this PC in a while, so I just got around to updating the tags.

I was using the cfcomponent tag, pressed space and I was trying to figure out what a
potty pen name
was :) (After studying it more closely, I realized it was porttypename, but I think my first instinct was better).



Heck yeah! There's a CF8 tag set floating around somewhere. I have it installed; I'll see if I can find the files for it.