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Ben Nadel
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KinkyTwits Update: Filter Groups Based On Include/Exclude Screen Names

By Ben Nadel on
Tags: ColdFusion

Just a quick update to the beta launch of KinkyTwits, my free ColdFusion and jQuery powered Twitter client. I have augmented the Group functionality to use Include and Exclude screen names of Twitter users. This works the same way as the include/exclude regular expression patterns (one per line), only it's based on users. This can be used to create people-based groups as well as to create "exceptions to the rule" as in the mockup below:


KinkyTwits Groups Can Now Filter Based On Twitter Screen Names.  

Note: This is just for demonstration purposes; I don't actually have a special interest in what John Resig had for breakfast (even though he is a cool dude).

As you can see here, I have a "Garbage" group into which I filter tweets that I'm not that interested in. However, let's say that for some select people (ex. John Resig), I actually DO want to know more about the given topic. To accomplish this, I can add those user's screen names to the "Exclude Screen Name" list. In doing so, the screen name overrides the regular expression patterns and the given status update is kept in the general list (rather than filtered into Garbage).

If you download the code from the KinkyTwits project page, you will have to reset the application. To do so, just add "?reset=1" to the URL when you load the application.

Reader Comments

Thanks for releasing this, Ben ...

Dunno if this is for everyone, but I had to add charset="utf-8" to the cffile action="write" tags, as Japanese and Chinese messages were corrupted in the file cache.



I don't often deal with extended characters. I can add that UTF-8 encoding. That stuff is definitely a black hole in my understanding (along with other internationalization techniques).


That's a pretty cool feed you've got going on there. I am not sure what you're asking me though? KinkyTwits just works of Twitter - there is not special coding to get it to work with any existing widgets out there.