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Ben Nadel at RIA Unleashed (Nov. 2009) with: Andy Powell
Ben Nadel at RIA Unleashed (Nov. 2009) with: Andy Powell ( @umAndy )

Hal Helms On Object Oriented Programming - The Summary

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I spent this last week down in Florida at Hal Helms' "Real World OO" class on object oriented programming. While the code samples that we worked on were done in ColdFusion, the course was not really ColdFusion specific. The fundamental ideas of object oriented programming are universal and can be applied to just about any programming language that can handle objects.

This class was simply awesome. Every morning I jumped out of bed, ready to get down and dirty with some OO. Every night, I had trouble falling asleep as my mind raced, trying to catalog and make sense of all the information I gathered over the day; there was just so much good stuff being passed around the classroom. Learning in a classroom just makes all the difference in the world. It cannot be compared to anything else. And the guys that I was with were great, really intelligent people. It was a prefect sized class - the best learning environment that I could ask for.

I definitely made some huge breakthroughs in terms of how I understand object oriented programming and the differences between object oriented programming and object-based procedural programming. My hope now is that I will be able to sit down on my own, outside of the class, and apply some of this newfound knowledge to my work.

If any of you have a chance to attend one of Hal Helms' classes, I highly recommend it. It will change the way you think about programming. At the end of the class, Hal told me that his next one was scheduled for February 23-27th down in Sarasota, FL. That's a bit soon for me, but I can definitely see myself going back down for another class after having had the chance to apply this stuff theory in the field. I am sure that in the next few months I will develop a million new questions.

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Left to Right: Hal Helms, Kevin, Andrew, Ben, Dave, Matt

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Can you give a summary in the context of OOPhoto? What did you do wrong or right? What will you change? Will you start over or modify?


Wow! Sounds like you had a great time and learning from one of the best I think on the whole OOP subject. Great Stuff!


Excellent site,Thanks for this great post - I will be sure to check out your blog more often.Just subscriped to your RSS feed..

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