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Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2012 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Francine Brady
Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2012 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Francine Brady ( @darkfeather )

Heading To An Object Oriented Programming Seminar

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Lately, I have been giving the "full court press" to the topic of Object Oriented Programming in ColdFusion. I like to think that I've been making a lot of great progress and have gotten a ton of really useful feedback from my readers. But, I feel like I've hit a bit of a training plateau and I need a little something something to push myself to the next level. To me, that "something" is actual training. I've really been missing that classroom setting. I miss being able to ask a question and have it instantly addressed and I miss learning from the questions that others ask that I didn't even think about. I think that kind of setting would really make the difference in my progress; I've got what I consider an OK foundational understanding right now, but it's time to mature and grow that base into actual understanding.

Last week, some of you may have seen on Twitter-BenNadel that I started looking around for continuing education classes in computer science. It was looking pretty grim, but then I came into a wonderful opportunity. I am right now headed out to a one-week computer seminar in Object Oriented Programming. I'm pretty sure that it's not ColdFusion specific, but you can bet your bottom that it'll be some good, universal information about Object Oriented Programming.

More information to come!

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@Ben, looking forward to hearing more about your course, hope it goes well. I think you've got it spot on with "I miss learning from the questions that others ask that I didn't even think about".


This inspires me! I've been wanting to get in a classroom for some software development courses but so little time to actually go sit in a classroom though. Does anyone know of some good online courses in OOP, software development, etc., that they have actually used?


Good classes are generally hard to find. While the CS classes I took in undergrad were great (wish I had taken them more seriously) I took a few extension classes at my alma mater a couple years ago when I was picking up C# and the instruction was pretty bad. That said, even the worst class will force you to buy a book and do a couple assignments so I suppose all is not lost.

Speaking of which, if you have some extra time, a great way to get familiar with OOP is to experiment with a more object oriented language. If you've been coding a while, new languages really aren't that tough to pick up (just tough to master).

@Ben, so how's the class so far? Any epiphanous moments?



Great to meet you too man. .... for those of you not here, Andrew and I have been having some great conversations - we each do things a little differently; the irony of the situation is that I think we're both finding out that we're wrong :)


The classroom setting is everything that I had hoped for, and a bag of chips (as they say). I feel so energized and inspired all day long (thought I slump a bit in hour 8 or day conversation ;)).

I'll be posting a daily round-up of the class as best I can so check the blog.

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