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Ben Nadel at RIA Unleashed (Nov. 2010) with: Tony Garcia
Ben Nadel at RIA Unleashed (Nov. 2010) with: Tony Garcia ( @objectivebias )

KinkyTwits Update - "Characters Remaining" Understands Message Type And HTML Entities

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Just a quick update to KinkyTwits, my ColdFusion, jQuery, and MySQL powered Twitter client. I know that some people have had issues with other twitter clients in that they do not accurately report the number of remaining characters. The problem is that these other clients do not take into account HTML entities that must be escaped. KinkyTwits now takes into account both escaped HTML entities as well as different message types (direct messages allow for a shorter length).


This is pretty exciting stuff for me. I've been using KinkyTwits for the past two days and its been a really easy to use.

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Pretty cool Ben. I had no clue that the character count worked this way. Sadly, now that my eyes have been opened, I'll have to implement something like this in dlog as well. And I thought I was doing so well :-p



I found out from some of the Twitter chatter. I had no idea either (although I saw that some of my posts were getting truncated for seemingly no reason). If you want to look at any of my code, just let me know.

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