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Ben Nadel at the NYC Node.js Meetup (Sep. 2018) with: Brandon Silva
Ben Nadel at the NYC Node.js Meetup (Sep. 2018) with: Brandon Silva

Flex Authority: Issue One - A Truly Polished Publication


I just received a review copy of the brand-spanking-new FLEX Authority Magazine by Fusion Authority. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but flipping through it, I am extremely impressed. They have really taken the design to the next level! Everything from the table of contents to the section headers to the code samples has been made very attractive. As much as I think FLEX is cool, as a FAQu reader, I have to say that I'm a bit jealous. I hope that they take the design magic they made for the FLEX Authority and apply a little bit of it to my FAQu issues :)

A big congratulations to Judith And Michael Dinowitz for coming out with a beautiful publication.


FLEX Authority: Volume One Cover  


FLEX Authority: Volume One Table Of Contents  


FLEX Authority: Volume One Section Headers  


FLEX Authority: Volume One Code Samples  

NOTE: Screenshots posted with permission of House of Fusion.

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