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Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2009 (Lansdowne, VA) with: Bruno Lopes and Simon Free
Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2009 (Lansdowne, VA) with: Bruno Lopes Simon Free ( @simonfree ) Releases CF8 Exam Buster - ColdFusion 8 Certification Study Software

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Brian Simmons and just released CF8 Exam Buster which is their exam preparation software for Adobe's ColdFusion 8 Certification exam. I used the ColdFusion 7 version to study for my ColdFusion 7 exam and passed with flying colors. After having done some Beta testing for the ColdFusion 8 edition, I am convinced that the new version is every bit as helpful as its predecessor. If you are thinking about getting certified, I highly recommend that you check it out.

I really like this software but for more than just the fact that it helps you pass the certification exam; I love that it forces you to look at aspects of ColdFusion that may rarely or never use. By providing you with hundreds of sample questions, you really get a great sense of all the features of the language that you have yet to leverage.

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I'm very pleased to centrasoft put this together again despite the lackluster appeal of the CF8 exam as outlined by the few who've already taken it. I'll personally be skipping the exam on this product cycle, but will certainly plan to take it with CF9 and plan on using centrasoft's software to study when I get to that point.


Rick, are you confident that the exam for CF9 will be any better? Keep in mind that it will be coming from the same place that was responsible for getting the CF8 exam created. They need to fix the issues there first.


Well, I'm going to take the exam in about 45 minutes. Would have been nice to practice on this software before taking it, but them's the breaks! I suppose if things don't go as well as hoped, I'll be using this software to prepare for the second attempt. :) Love the CF7 version of this software and used it quite a bit in preparation.



Thanks! Passed! Now I'm going to do an exam when we get our hands on the CF8 Exam Buster and compare what I got on the real test with what I get in the practice test.

Somebody is sure to get a bear hug the next time I see him..


Thanks for the blog post!
I have been meaning to get around to getting certified "someday"... so after seeing your post today, I felt compelled to actually follow through!
I have ordered the Exam Buster and scheduled the test for a couple of weeks from now.
They should pay you commission! lol


Thanks again for the blog post.
It got me motivated enough to take the exam, which I did this afternoon.
I passed with a score of 92%!
I ended up using the Exam Buster plus Ben Forta's book, ColdFusion MX7 ertified Developer Study Guide. It's like a Cliff's Notes for CF!

So, I followed thru, now it's your turn...

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