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Ben Nadel at LaunchDarkly Lunch & Learn 2018 (New York, NY) with: Lena Krug and Adam Zimman and Christopher Cosentino and Greg Ratner
Ben Nadel at LaunchDarkly Lunch & Learn 2018 (New York, NY) with: Lena Krug ( @LenaLovesStuff ) Adam Zimman ( @azimman ) Christopher Cosentino ( @chriscosentino ) Greg Ratner ( @GregRatner )

Rob Gonda Rocks AJAX At The New York City ColdFusion User Group

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Yesterday, Rob Gonda flew up from Florida to give a presentation on AJAX in ColdFusion applications to the New York City ColdFusion User Group. It was an excellent presentation and one that was particularly useful to me since I am about to start architecting a rather large, AJAX-intensive application. While I have been using AJAX for some time, it has not been very pervasive in my programming. Rob definitely opened my eyes to some cool techniques that I will be exploring shortly.

One thing of particular interest was the technique in which he creates the call back code on the server and then just executes an eval() on it when it returns from the AJAX call. So, for example, if we passed back a value, he wouldn't do the OBJECT.innerHTML = returnValue in the client, he would build that Javascript on the server and then just execute it in the client - something like eval( returnValue ). That way, he keeps all of his logic on the server and keeps the client code extremely simple (relatively speaking). This is something I really want to look into.

I am trying to see if I can get Rob's sample code to post on the website. Stay tuned. And thanks to everyone who came to the meeting last night; the NYCFUG is really taking off and gathering some sweet momentum. Let's keep it going!


Ben Nadel And Rob Gonda At The New York ColdFusion User Group - AJAX In ColdFusion  

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Thanks for always putting out the effort to get to our meetings (even when I know it is not convenient). It is HUGELY appreciated.


Great determination and thrive for knowledge is my major factor for coming to the meetings. No matter, how much or what you know, there will always be this small thing that you never knew. This applies to non programming matters as well.

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Ben Nadel