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Ben Nadel at InVision In Real Life (IRL) 2018 (Hollywood, CA) with: Lindsey Redinger
Ben Nadel at InVision In Real Life (IRL) 2018 (Hollywood, CA) with: Lindsey Redinger ( @_lindseytron )

The Brave One Starring Jodie Foster And Terrence Howard

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Last night, I took a friend out to see The Brave One, starring Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard. My desire to see this was not based on the preview; the preview was interesting, but didn't really pull me in. I went to see this movie because I think Jodie Foster is just awesome. Ever since I watched her in Silence of The Lambs over 15 years ago, I've just been mesmerized. She's so unlike other women and I find her strong acting style, distinct voice, and angular, enticing shape very pleasing to the senses. (Note to self: obsess over her a little more - she's definitely under appreciated).


The Brave One Movie Poster  

I love a good revenge story and I love a girl kicking ass. This movie has both of these elements and it brings them together quite well. I am sure some might find the movie a bit slow, but I enjoyed watching the transformation of Erica Bain (played by Jodie Foster) as she morphed from this quiet and introverted woman into this cold and driven vigilante. A transformation of this nature cannot be sudden and abrupt - it is a journey of self-exploration and I think the pace of the film really caters to this nicely.


The Brave One - Jodie Foster Plays Erica Bane  

Terrence Howard, the co-lead, does an excellent job playing Detective Mercer, a cop who wants nothing more than to just be good and to do the right thing. He very effectively gets across the conflict that he wages every day between upholding the law and delivering justice. His convictions are, of course, tested when he befriends Bane, who slowly becomes the likely suspect in a string of homicides. The whole dynamic really sucks you in hard, because after all, who can't relate to that? Obviously not the murder part, but who hasn't been in a situation where you are torn between your relationships and your desire to do good? Or who hasn't been in a situation where "right" is not so clear cut?


The Brave One - Jodie Foster And Terrence Howard  

In a way, the movie is so engaging because it asks you to look inside yourself; to see how far YOU would go. The situations are so empathizable and relatable, that you can't help but put yourself into the character's shoes. This creates a constant and underlying tension that puts you slightly on edge the entire film. It makes you feel what the characters feel, and I think that's why the film comes off as being so successful after the fact.

To keep this brief, the movie is very satisfying. Like a hot shower, there aren't necessarily any high points (climax excluded), but you walk out of it feeling good and refreshed; you walk out feeling better than when you went in. To me, it was worth seeing it in the theatres and I think it's necessary to experience it this way. It's not an action film and there are no explosions, but being in a huge, dark theatre does do a lot to fully immerse you in the story and the movie experience.

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I own the Saints on DVD :) Yeah, it is an awesome movie. I love the way it is told - with the aftermath given before the actual events. Very cool style. And Willam Dafoe is really good in it; he's such a strange character in the film, but it works. Plus, you gotta love a movie where they have a cool passage before they shoot people (ala Pulp Fiction).


"I find her strong acting style, distinct voice, and angular, enticing shape very pleasing to the senses. "
As her girlfriend does too, no doubt. Not that there is anything wrong with that....


yeah, i watch the movie. it was great, everyone should see it. the passion was so so real, the action was bloody hot..damn revenge!!!!

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