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Ben Nadel at Scotch On The Rock (SOTR) 2010 (London) with: Matt Gifford
Ben Nadel at Scotch On The Rock (SOTR) 2010 (London) with: Matt Gifford ( @coldfumonkeh )

Superbad Is Bonafide Badass!

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The first time that I watched the trailer for Superbad, starring Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Bill Hader, I have to admit, I thought it looked like a really stupid movie - one that I was probably not going to see in the theaters. Of course, the trailer was shown at like every movie that I went to see seen since that first viewing, and frankly, each time I watched it, it seemed to get funnier and funnier. It got to the point where I couldn't wait for the movie to come out. So finally, last night, opening night, I jumped at the opportunity to see it with my main man, Si.


Superbad Movie Poster  

Any time a movie gets hyped up so much, there's always the threat that it will be a let down. But, let me just say - this movie was AWESOME. I don't think that I've laughed so hard during a movie in a long, long time. And it wasn't just me - the whole theater would erupt into these laugh riots, so much so, that the movie would get drowned out for the next few seconds. I'm sure that I missed some quality bits of the film due just to the fact that I couldn't hear over other people's laughter. It was high quality entertainment that just sucked you in at the beginning and let you go 2 hours later.


Superbad Movie With Seth And Evan  

At first, I thought the movie was a bit too vulgar. Seth's character, played by Jonah Hill of Knocked up and Accepted, spewed out obscenities in what came off as a very forced and eager-to-shock fashion. However, as he started to interact more with the all-too-sweet Evan, played by Michael Cera, it just worked. The two character extremes somehow fit together in a friendship that felt quite natural and I am sure will hit close to home for many people, myself included.

In addition to the main story line, the subplot involving the two cops and Fogell, played by Seth Rogen, Bill Hader, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, was simply flawless. Everything about it was funny and entertaining and while it did go over the top, it never felt like it was over the top in any way.


Superbad Movie With McLovin And Cops  

One of the best qualities of the film was its ability to transport you back to that part of your life; the time when everything was new an exciting; the time when girls were still sort of a mystery and your sexual voice was still being found; the time when the big, bad world seemed so very big and scary; the time when the small things seemed so big and the big things weren't even being thought about. I think there's a part of all of us that yearns to have a little of that back and I it's movies like this that let us re-live that a bit on some level.

Overall, this movie was excellent. If you are a fan of comedy, you have to see this. That's all there is to it. And don't wait for the video. I know that comedies are not always seen as films that have to be viewed on the big screen, but it's not about the screen size - it's about the audience. Part of what is so great about seeing a funny movie is seeing it with a crowd that finds it just as funny as you do. Laughter is contagious as is the openness to being entertained. So do yourself a favor - see it in the theater with a few hundred other people that are all amped up to have a great time.

I am McLovin.


Superbad Movie With McLovin And Hottie  

Reader Comments


I was just the opposite of you. I wanted to see this flick from the day I saw a preview. What a great movie and McLovin is now 1 of the greatest characters ever made! ha


Ben - I totally agree with your review, man. I just saw it last night, and I can't wait to see again. It's now up there on my list with Shawn of the Dead, 40 Year Old Virgin, and Kung Fu Hustle!



Yeah, it was quality stuff. I actually just saw it for a second time last night with a different friend, and I am happy to say that the movie holds up. Very funny the second go-round.

Those other movies are very good, although I have not seen Kung Fu Hustle fully. Have you seen Hot Fuzz (by the Shawn of the Dead guys)? Also, high quality entertainment. Plus, it referencing so many other action movies, and who doesn't love action movies.


Oh man! You gotta see *all* 'o the Hustle! (and if you like it, watch Shaolin Soccer, too... actually, it's better build-up I think to watch Shaolin Soccer first) ;)

And yes, I went to see Hot Fuzz right away when it came out, knowing it was by the same folks who did "Shawn..." but for whatever reason, even though I really liked it and I laughed plenty, it didn't have the same laugh-out-loud affect on me as "Shawn..."

Oooo, and I just remembered that I embarrassed the hell out of myself falling out of my seat at the theater watching "Me, Myself, and Irene" the first time, though I think it partly had to do with watching it next to one of my best friends (who has one of those great laughs that elicits uncontrollable laughter from anyone near him).


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