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Ben Nadel at InVision In Real Life (IRL) 2018 (Hollywood, CA) with: Dana Lawson
Ben Nadel at InVision In Real Life (IRL) 2018 (Hollywood, CA) with: Dana Lawson

Search Engine Optimization... Another Go Round

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After talking to Michael Dinowitz at last week's NYCFUG meeting, I have moved my site over to use more search engine optimized links. Instead of going to directories, such as "blog/", all my site links go to "actual" pages, such as "blog/blog-entries.htm". All the pages go to ".htm" files so that the ColdFusion error handler doesn't get called. I want IIS to throw the 404 error to my 404 error handler so that I can then catch it and use the appropriate code.

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That's something that I recently did myself ... All of my pages were in directories without the /index.cfm ... so that the root would have "pretty URL's " ... that was fine, but somewhere around Dec 07', all of those directories lost their PR ... I couldn't figure out why at first ... so I decided to just re-order the layout of the site ...

I did a little more in depth research on PageRank and came up with a great deal of information from Ian Rogers ... the guy did a brilliant paper some time ago on PageRank and normalized probability distribution ...

I think you will get a kick out of this ... - The Google Pagerank Algorithm and How It Works ... let me know what you think ...


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