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Ben Nadel at InVision In Real Life (IRL) 2019 (Phoenix, AZ) with: Sara Dunnack ( @SunnE_D )

I Know Who Killed Me Starring Lindsay Lohan

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Last night, I went to see the new psychological thriller, I Know Who Killed Me, starring Lindsay Lohan. I didn't know anything about the movie before hand, and I really didn't go in with any sort of expectations - it was just a spur of the moment decision. I find that this is the best way to experience a movie because you are more likely to be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed. Unfortunately, this tactic is only so powerful and was, in this case, not nearly effective enough to overcome the poor quality of this film.


I Know Whol Killed Me Movie Poster  

After just the first two minutes, I thought to myself, "This was a huge mistake"; The music was irritating, the camera work was grating, and the overall quality of acting was just sub par. There were a few moments during the file where I felt connected to the story or titillated by the suspense, and what little gore they did have was freaky and well done, but those first few moments just set a tone for the movie that the director couldn't seen to escape from.


I Know Who Killed Me - Lindsay Lohan  

**** Potential spoiler below ****

The campaign for the movie (what little I saw in the previews) is centered around the idea that once you think you've figured it out what's going on, you really have no idea and then the movie blows your mind through some twist. Yes, there is a twist in the movie; the problem, however, is that the twist requires such a huge suspension of disbelief that it comes off as being completely inane rather than clever.

I think at the end of the movie, the angry woman in front of me, summed it all up when she jumped up to shout out what we were all thinking:

"Who ever directed that movie should be ashamed of himself!"

After I left the theater and the wave of disappointment had left me, I felt bad; bad for myself for sitting through the movie - no, I love watching movies; I felt bad for Julia Ormond who played the mother role in the film. Julia is a very attractive and talented actress and it's just depressing to see such talented people showing up in films like this. But, I guess, at the end of the day, everyone needs a pay check.


Julia Ormond - Co-star Of I Know Who Killed Me  

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I should have checked there. Although, when I looked up movie times on, it had a 4 out of 5 user rating. And as far as those pictures, yeah, they are cool, but in the movie, they take potentially sexy stuff, and make it irritating. However, to be fair, there was some dancing stuff that was a bit unexpected and surprisingly hot - a lot of close up rear / crotch shots that seems a bit shady ;)


I thought Lindsey Lohan was great in this movie! I thought the movie was good period...I guess what i'm trying to say is that everyone has there own liking and opinion and just because someone says that this movie was bad and dissapointing there are other people reading what you say and thinking that it was good..I think if someone has to say something about a movie they should say their OPINION about the movie and that its only one opinion and everyone is not one person. Which brings me to thinking aloud in the theather while the movie is in progress. One lady was saying how Lindsey Lohan's a crackhead and all this non-sense, and I happened to be sitting in front of her listening to her annoying voice (any voice is annoying when your trying to watch a movie) but there was no reason for her to say that...I mean if you don't like her then why are you seeing the movie in the first place right? so in conclusion my opinion on the movie "I Know Who Killed Me" was a good movie.



First off, I have to disagree with you slightly on the crackhead vs. why see the movie; personally, I try not to mix my real-world actor information with the movie world. Take for example, Mel Gibson. Apparently he said all that stuff about Jews or what not... Is that offensive? I guess so, personally I don't care... BUT, I would NEVER NEVER NEVER let my opinion of an actor as a person influence my desire to see a movie with them in it - I have the ability to separate reality from fiction. So, that said, I think how people feel about her [Lindsay] as a person should have very little to do with how they feel about the movie.

And as for the "thinking aloud while the movie is in progress" - this is ABSOLUTELY horrible. You can laugh during a movie - that is fine; but talking during a movie - that is just not cool! So, we agree on that quite firmly.

And as far as opinion goes, unless I say that something is explicitly a fact, everything expressed on this blog is an opinion by default. And, of course, we are all able to have our own opinions. Heaven knows that I LOVE some movies that others thought were garbage :)

With a 4 out of 5 user rating on (at the time I went to see it) clearly signifies that we all have our own opinions, and I am fine with the fact that you liked the movie.


First off i have to ask why you said you had to disagree with me with the crack head vs why see the movie. in that paragraph it sounded like you agreed with me. If people can't seperate real life from them acting then they shouldn't be even watching anything that moves lol.


Sorry, I think I misread what you were saying :) We are in complete agreement then - people need to leave the "Real" life at home - that is one of the joys of going to the movie in the first place :) People are just crazy! :D


People that don't understand the movie "I know who killed me" here *spoliers* I'll explain it to you.

CobaltDuck explains - The Movie is not about a Twin finding her sister like some psychological mystery crime drama. ITs not really torture porn. Its a Psychological thriller. The movie a about Aubrey using her imagination to try to solve the mystery of who is killing her. Aubrey doesn't make it. Aubrey is killed. Aubrey is captured, tortured, buried alive, and the mysterious killer gets away with it. Aubrey doesn't know who is killing her, so she retreats to her mind and to avoid the pain and try to make sense out of why this is happening to her. That part where Dakota lays down next to Aubrey isn't a tired Dakota taking a quick nap its Aubrey finally dieing.

The MOvie on the very first viewing is suppose to confuse leads you in many directions and possibilities.. Does Dakota has multiple personality disorder, or maybe she is an engineered twin for an experiment (take note of the similar faces of the 2 previous girls maybe they were both engineered twins and killed as well), or Dakota really is a twin... These are just decoy plots. Every time Dakota feels pain..thats not Dakota thats Aubrey feeling it. Every vision Dakota has is not a vision .thats Aubrey seeing the situation. The movie's first viewings purpose is to make you think the story is going in a different direction. Only at the very end does it become clear and the movie comes into focus. It should hit you in the gut that Aubrey didn't make it. Its sad. It should make you angry because Aubrey is strong and not weak but she never had a chance to fight back.

The 2nd viewing you have the time to look at all the clues, because maybe the Piano teacher wasn't the one that killed her maybe thats just Aubrey's best guess before she died, its probabley the gardener. Maybe it was the strange man on the bus. Maybe its the psychiatrist. Maybe the killer is hidden in her mind. Maybe no clue in her mind will help her solve the mystery. Even Aubrey herself doesn't understand why she is doing this. I like to think Aubrey got it right and figured it out and gave her self some comfort for solving the mystery.

People that criticise the movie, including newspaper critics, just don't get the point of the movie. It goes right over their head. They can't see it even though its right in front of their eyes. One could start to suspect where the movie was heading when the "strange" explanation for Dakota losing body parts was explained by "Twin stigmata". This is a fantasy, they could of equally used Voodoo or witchcraft or alien invaders as fantasy substitutes. Then when Dakota decided to drive with her father to the piano teachers house (with out back up or calling the police i might add) the direction of the story should of become suspect. When Dakota said "I think i know who killed me" the audience should of started figured it out, because why would Dakota say "I think i Know who killed me" it doesn't make sense, Dakota was never touched by the Piano teacher, nor was she being killed, she said it because she was Aubrey and Aubrey was close to death and wanted to figure it out. Then Dakota finds Aubrey... it should become obvious that all of this is in Aubreys head. Dakota joins Aubrey because Aubrey is in her last breath. The movie ends and goes no further because Aubrey is dead. If it wasn't in Aubreys head then the next scene would show the next day at her dads funeral with both sisters on crutches. But, Aubrey is dead.

The movie isn't suppose to make you feel good. It should make you feel sad/angry/depressed/uncomfortable. It is not a normal happy Holloywood movie. But its tragedy will keep you thinking about it for a long time. the stripper scenes make you feel like the movie you see is real. If the ending was a happy ending the effect would not be the same. Aubrey dies... and its really sad and such a waste.

I know who killed me is a good movie.



Certainly your version is better than the one I saw :) I can see what you are saying. Now, maybe I am not the "smartest" movie viewer - I certainly do shut down a bit for movies and just set the old brain to receive - but I feel like they could have made some more of that obvious.

I have seen several movies where the whole movie takes place, or potentially takes place, inside of someone's head. Wasn't Lost Highway theorized to be taking place inside a guys head just before he was put to death? I don't know... I feel like movie that are like that need to be more explicit or they are going to lose the majority of the audience who are simply not trained to look into a movie in such a way. Not that I'm saying directors / writers need to cater to the lowest common demonstrator, but at the same time, don't make it too esoteric.


Who wudnt go to see this movie for lindsay lohan ,which is her first ever stripper role.i just saw screenshot of her doing the pole dance,ahe was looking so damn hot.neways lately there many of this thriller movies coming out ,there is one with jodie foster coming out soon.i don't why they make such movies.we watch movies to be entertained.not to get depressed as said by dan they can expect ppl watch this movie..


Dan is 100% right, and it's where I left at the end of the movie, but I couldn't exactly pinpoint why. I somehow knew "they" were both dead, but when I started reviewing it again the clues all do lead there.

I think this might be one of the cases where a director thoroughly sends a nice 'Fcuk You' to the critics, knowing that the lamers would see Lindsay Lohan and say, bah, humbug. They didn't get it, clearly.

Alot of reviews / comments said they couldn't beliieve the actors in this movie would go for such a stupid plot (based on the premise of the twin sister thing being real). Well you know what? Sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one, and the obvious answer is that there is no way in hell they would have gone for it, unless they were told that they were all acting out her fantasy.

The brutality of some of the scenes was a little much, but certainly makes alot of sense to reinforce just how screwed up her pain was effecting her mind.


I only read a couple comments on this, and a few in somebody noted that "the first time you see it", as if there would/should be a second, you know, to truly "appreciate" the movie. Anyway, I won't go off bashing the whole movie, afterall it did somehow manage to keep me to leave the channel there most of the way through it, in between checking my email and surfing craigslist ads...but I didn't see the ending because my daughter woke up from a bad dream so I went to check on I won't bother to address any of the things I noticed that irritated me throughout, but I just wanted to point out that, unlike, say, Fight Club (and by this comparison, believe me, I do not in any way intend to actually COMPARE the two) where if you've been paying attention, you realize that hey, they are one in the same...and in that case, you actually CARE...whereas here, 1.) you just don't, and 2.) what, so here parents & the FBI were in on the delusion too? Sorry, the whole thing just made me wish I'd left it on that Scrubs rerun or whatever.


i didnt get the movie one bit, i thought it was good but quite hard to follow, im not very logical haha.
im glad somebody could clear this up for me,i still dont get the whole FBI thing that was going on :-S or the whole your baby died so you payed a drug addict to give you one of her babys .. still quite confused



Just fin watchin the movie, but im still unclear on what was with all the prostethics that the piano teacher had hangin around?
Once i saw the blue ribbon it became very clear as to who the killer was.
But i didnt get da ending either it felt unfinshed.

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