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Ben Nadel at RIA Unleashed (Nov. 2009) with: Lisa Heselton
Ben Nadel at RIA Unleashed (Nov. 2009) with: Lisa Heselton ( @kavka )

Printer Friendly Format Now Available

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The blog detail pages of my site now have a printer friendly version. If you look at the links just below the blog entry, there is now one titled "Print Page". This link will pop-up a window with the print friendly version. I have to actually re-render the page, not just use an alternate print stylesheet since I have to alter the code for better printing. The DIV elements that wrap my code samples were not breaking pages properly. At run time, I have to strip them out so that the code snippets will print in a readable format.

Please let me know if you find any bugs with this new feature.

Reader Comments

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