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Ben Nadel at CFinNC 2009 (Raleigh, North Carolina) with: Larry Lyons
Ben Nadel at CFinNC 2009 (Raleigh, North Carolina) with: Larry Lyons

Why Do I Even Get Any Huge Ass Traffic?

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There was a post yesterday on Full As A Goog (sorry I cannot remember the URL - the Full As A Goog "Search" functionality seems to search the visible page only) with a video that had information about internet porn. It stated that there were literally hundred of millions of porn sites current on the internet. That's a lot of porn.

Recently, I talked about how the second most popular incoming search phrase for my site, Kinky Solutions, from Google was "Huge Ass." At first, I was just amused that my site came up with Huge Ass right along side real porn sites like "Ass Traffic", "Big Tits, Round Asses," and "Big Booty Sites Galore." But, now, after having pondered it for a while I am just confused. With hundreds of millions of porn sites, why does my site have any visibility on Google when it comes to "Huge Ass?" In fact, why are 8 out of the top 10 results NOT porn sites? What the heck is going on here?

There can only be two reasons for this poor visibibiliy:

  1. Google simply won't index porn sites.
  2. Porn sites have just about the most horrible search engine optimization you can ever imagine.

Number 1 clearly is not true, as the top 2 Google results for "Huge Ass" are, in fact, genuine porn sites. Therefore, I must jump to the conclusion that porn sites have the worst search engine optimization in history. I guess it's like the age old mentality that you don't have to sell drugs - drugs sell themselves. Except in this case, it's porn - you don't have to make the quality web sites that showcase it, cause the porn itself is enough???? Or something like that... I mean, what else could it possibly be?

And yes, my "Safe Search" is turned off for all Google searches.

Maybe the fault is not that of the porn site web masters, but rather that of porn itself. If content plays very heavily into the Google search rankings, my guess is that porn sites simply cannot contain enough "valid" content as a consequence of the fact that their main products are pictures and videos, not indexable text. But, there's got to be a way to marry these two ideas together. There's just too much money at stake for this not to be happening - or maybe that's also part of the problem - there's so much money being made already that no one really cares of these sorts of details.

Food for thought indeed!

Reader Comments


You think that's bad? Apparently 85% of my traffic now comes from people googling for "donkey sex".

I don't know what's worse - the fact that over three times as many people come from googling for "donkey sex" as the second-placed term ("svn+ssh"), or that people who find a site called Instant Badger from googling for "donkey sex" actually stick around for more than one page!

I can just picture it - "where's my donkey sex, dammit? (clickety) I want my donkey sex!!! (clickety)"


With blog titles like "Project HUGE: My Ass Hurts" do I really need to paint the picture for you? It shouldn't surprise that you are getting that kind of traffic with the type of content you have here. :)



Ha ha ha ha ha, Donkey Sex... and they stick around - that is too funny!


That Punky Brewster is bananas. I remember when I was in high school or college or something, when suddenly there was a huge buzz about seeing naked and it was all some people could talk about. I never saw her naked, I don't think anyone did, but for a while, it was ALLL anyone wanted to see.


Ben, you know whats the worst thing about this post? You'll likely start to rank better for that phrase (I won't say it again) just because you posted about it.


Among the search phrases that porn sites are targeting for their SEO, I don't think "Huge Ass" is among the top 10 (or top 50, for that matter). For "big butts," you will indeed see a larger proportion of real porn sites in the SERPs. Also, Google very likely penalizes porn sites for search phrases which are not obviously porny. Google penalizes lots of things. At one point, it was pretty well accepted that Google was penalizing phpBB page names (not sure if they still do this) more than their standard dynamic-page penalization, which pushed a lot more people towards URL rewriting.



This post started an interesting process in my mind. I am now thinking of starting a porn site just :D . Nothing commercial, just something for fun. As you mentioned, these sites aren't SEOed too much and maybe it could be worth it a try.

BTW, that video is done perfectly :) . Very funny way of how to tell people the truth.

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