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Ben Nadel at the New York ColdFusion User Group (Jun. 2010) with: Andy Matthews and Clark Valberg and Ralf Korinth
Ben Nadel at the New York ColdFusion User Group (Jun. 2010) with: Andy Matthews ( @commadelimited ) Clark Valberg ( @clarkvalberg ) Ralf Korinth

The Miracle Fruit (Miraculous Berry) Turns Sour To Sweet

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Last night, I tried out Sideroxylon dulcificum, commonly referred to as the Miracle Fruit but sometimes known as the mystery fruit or the miraculous berry. I tried it in pill form; you let this pill dissolve on your tongue and then basically try to eat anything you can think of before it wares off. While the chemicals in it are active, it turns sour tastes into sweet tastes. I am a super-taster and sour to me makes my face just about collapse in on itself so I was definitely skeptical. However, even with such sour-sensitivity, I was able to eat straight lemon wedges after taking the miracle fruit. Yeah, I was biting right into lemon - bananas!


Miracle Fruit  

The strangest thing was that my body / mind still wanted it to be sour and biting into it, I actually cringed. But, the taste was not sour, it was sweet. It was too crazy. I was freaking out a bit :) It's like it went against everything that my body has ever been taught about the way things taste.

Apparently there is only like one company that manufactures this pill and it's in Japan or thereabouts. And, it's in such demand that you can only order one box per order and there is a one month waiting list to place an order. I want to see if I can find some somewhere - I can't imagine that it is that scarce. Anyway, if you come across some, you should give it a try - it is a very strange experience.

Check out the Wiki page.

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That's pretty cool. I am super sensitive to sour. So much so, that I will be overpowered by something like rice vinegar which other people cannot even detect in sushi. Oh well, to each his own tongue.


So what's the point of this pill? Why would you want to eat it? Just for people that can't eat sour tastes? I LIKE sour, why would I want it to be sweet?



The pill is too rare and too expensive to have any practical use. But, it's fun to try if only once to see how it can totally change the way your taste buds work.


Don't know if you're a big Simpsons fan but this kind of reminds me when Homer's a judge at a Chilli cook-off and is challenged to eat a Guatemalan Insanity Pepper. To do it he covers his tounge in candle wax! Funny as anything ... I think what I'm saying is, the only real use is probably if you're gonna be a Judge at a sour-off - you see where I'm going ... hmmm maybe I should think about these comment more before I post :o)



Ha ha, I don't remember that episode. But I do love the Simpsons. Reminds a bit of the one where he is the food critic and they have the food fair at the end. They were planning to kill homer with an eclair that has like 30 lbs of chocolate per cubic inch... I think the French chef says that it's so dense with chocolate that not even light can escape its surface. It's a quality show.


I have dried miracle fruit berries for sale. Since they are dried, they will last for over a month at room temperature (supposedly the fresh will only last a few days!!!)

they are fun for tasting parties (everyone can bring something sour) or for dieters, diabetics, or people on chemotherapy.

I have them for sale on e-bay if you want some.


The best I could come up with was pretty sour lemons and limes which were delicious like lemonade. I don't really know what else could be sourer - perhaps certain sweets?


For those of you looking for miracle fruit, I sell fresh miracle fruit from Florida. The price is $1.50 per fruit plus actual overnight shipping cost ($19.50 to most places in the U.S.). You can email me at miracle at ethanbradley dot com to order or for more info. Have a great day!


Hi there
After about 10 years of hard work on research and breeding of the miracle fruit seeds and plants ,we were very successful in Cameroon [west Africa].But now the growth of this plants have become out of control [too much seed and plants but few buyers ] so I am looking for any one interested in taking and active part in my small farm here in Africa or any one that can help me sale this products abroad.
You can contact me for more information via email


I am happy to see this is being spoke about on many different websites and blogs, its something that definatly needs attention its great for encouraging people eating organic foods.

Its generally just a fantastic experience than i recommend for all to try it makes you understand that mother nature posess's many special gifts for us in all shapes n forms.

I purchased some plants eventually after trying the berry n tablets themselves, i got them from Http://

I Recieved a great service and i cant wait to yield my berries this month.


Indeed, but where the fact it wont be legalized is and where your information for medical researchers doesnt add up, is that they gladly approve aspartame which is prooven to be like poison and very bad for you on a long term basis. Where as miracle fruit is an organic sweetener the japanese administration use it within there commercial food and drink products and they are majorly advanced with what they issue there public they do not hold back anything from them.

It has been well known for many many years since the 70's the sweetener industry would not want to legalize or use such a thing in commercial food and drink products they make to much money from there current sweeteners, if anything i think there closer to banning it so that people cannot understand the possible benefits from it.

and its not a drug its a natural protein created by the plant. Its calorie free and like much of what comes out the rainforest is a true gift.

It is hypocrasy to use current sweeteners they do use claiming its healthy which is not true at all while neglecting that miracle fruit can be used and be massively beneficial on health. The people studying miracle fruit, scientist wise have far more interesting research i assure you.


hi there
thanks for the comment . it is true miracle fruit is real a miracle .it has also proven to help women with breast courser .
please you can mail me
i grow and sell plants seeds and fruit of miracle fruit berries
thanks .
Mrs Russ.


hye there.. about the miracle berry.i've taisted it.but not in a pill form.i ate the original form just like in the picture. it can be found in malaysia.u can get the seeds of the tree in a cheap price.


Based on its name Miraculous Berry i know that it is very Miraculous. The shifting of taste from sour to sweet and from sweet to sour. What a fruit! I want to taste that fruit on the future.

I believe in love. I believe in compassion. I believe in human rights. I believe that we can afford to give more of these gifts to the world around us because it costs us nothing to be decent and kind and understanding. And, I want you to know that when you land on this site, you are accepted for who you are, no matter how you identify, what truths you live, or whatever kind of goofy shit makes you feel alive! Rock on with your bad self!
Ben Nadel