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Ben Nadel at the jQuery Conference 2011 (Cambridge, MA) with: Doug Neiner
Ben Nadel at the jQuery Conference 2011 (Cambridge, MA) with: Doug Neiner ( @dougneiner )

Project HUGE: Jesus Would Have Wanted Me Squatting!

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I got home today, popped my caffeine (SPIKE), mixed up my V12 Turbo Fuel Injection (creatine and vasodilators), watched some Pumping Iron 25th Anniversary Edition (thank you Cinemax!), got all jazzed up and made my way to the gym. But, apparently, since it's Easter, the gym was closed. What!?!? Now, I can't know this for a fact, but I'm pretty sure on the day of resurrection, Jesus would have wanted me in the gym squatting some heavy weights. I mean, after all, what better way to celebrate his ability to once again walk than to build some beeftastic gams?

Oh well, this week will pretty much be a week off then. Got my brother in town visiting and some other stuff to attend to. Will have to pickup again next week.

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If the gym was open, somebody else would have had to be working instead of pursuing whatever spiritual path they normally would have chosen on that day, yours being working out, theirs might have been not-working...

Of course you could have just run 3 miles and done 80 push ups to tide you over!

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