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Ben Nadel at the ColdFusion Centaur And Bolt User Group Tour (Jun. 2009) with: Ben Forta
Ben Nadel at the ColdFusion Centaur And Bolt User Group Tour (Jun. 2009) with: Ben Forta ( @benforta )

The Shield Start Tomorrow!

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I have been waiting so long for this; the ground-breaking crime drama, The Shield, starts its final season tomorrow at 10PM. If you haven't had a chance to see this show yet, you are missing out. This is probably one of, if not the best shows on television. There really is nothing like it.


The Shield on FX  

I caught an interview with Michael Chiklis on the Fox Movie Channel this weekend and it has me totally pumped up. He said that since the writers know that this is the last season, they have pulled out all the stops and this season, while only 10 episodes, is going to be nuts! It's like that line from The Replacements, "There is no tomorrow for you, and that makes you very dangerous people!" The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up.

During his interview, Michael did say one very cool thing when talking about the mentality of making movies and television shows. It went something like:

Every moment is a new moment. We are creators; we make things that didn't exist before.

I think that is such a great mentality and I think it is a mentality that more of us should have. Every moment is an opportunity to do something new, to overcome a challenge, to create.

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Hands down one of my favorite shows on tv. It's one of those shows that consistently has me doing a double take and thinking, "Holy s***! Did that just happen?!?" It is what The Sopranos should have been. I just wish it was broadcast in HD. :-(



That's so funny you say that (re: Sopranos) because that is exactly how I usually describe it :) I always tell people that I used to watch Sopranos until the Shield started... and then I realized that the Shield is what the Sopranos should have been doing the whole time.

I am so pumped!


I'm a little peeved with them for waiting so long to release last season's DVD. I missed all of last season, and haven't yet had time to watch all the episodes, so it looks like I'll have to miss this season too.

Don't post any spoilers!


Yeah seriously... it's like we don't wait long enough between seasons?!?!? Now, they have to put off the DVDs for so long. I had this fantasy of taking an entire weekend an watching a Shield Marathon leading up to the new season... of course, that only works if you have all the DVDs (and enough hours).

No spoilers will be posted. I am freak about that stuff. I can't even watch the "Next Week On The Shield" segment at the end of the show. I don't want to know anything about it at all - I have to go into the bathroom and run the water while my girlfriend watches - she is crazy and loves spoilers and teasers.

So, long story short, I respect the no spoilers mentality.


"I can't even watch the "Next Week On The Shield" segment at the end of the show."

I know what you mean - I have to leave the room on the commercials for it when they play them on Fox.


I too am excited, but I am still pissed off at the last episode of last season. What the fuck?! How could they do that to me?! I am so mad I don't even want to watch it. But I iwill anyway. I am their bitch. :(

On the west coast using DirecTV it's on at 7pm not 10. But I am Tivo-ing it anyway. It's on same time as American idol. Hmm, there is something wrong with wanting to watch both of them.


Glen, I know what you mean. I was mentally agitated by the close of last season for days. It was the first time a television show actually affected me on some deep level. It truly shook me to the core and I would find myself on the subway or the bus thinking to myself "how could they do that." It almost didn't seem real.

I am still excited. It's going to be awesome.



Yeah, it was pretty cool. They really jumped right back into the story line like we saw the last season last week. I had a bit of trouble remembering all of the details, but after about 20 minutes I was totally back into it.

The whole story line stresses me out. I feel like the plot line is this powder keg that's just ready to ignite.

One episode down, nine to go :(


fyi - for those of you looking for last season, tho there may not be a DVD, you can buy the episodes from iTunes - this season is online there too.

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