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Ben Nadel
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I Know Ben Forta Is Not Starring In 300

By Ben Nadel on

... but every time I think about him, I think of the dude from 300:


Ben Forta In 300  

My problem is that right before Ben's speech on Apollo last week at CFUnited Express NYC, me and the other guys at the table were talking about 300 and how cool it looked. And to make matters worse, I was at a table in the way back, and from that distance, Ben could have totally been that guy (minus the rage and lack of clothing)! Now, I have some strange mental connection that I can't seem to break.

Reader Comments

This is the funniest blog posting I have ever seen! I literally laughed out loud. Cuz when I see the commercials, in the back of mind I always had a feeling as if I'm familiar with that main character but didn' t know why.

Now I know!!! :)

Quote from Ben Forta: Spring <br /> is next week, and it's not too late to sign up. Once again they've lined up top-notch speakers including fellow Adobians John Cummings and Kevin Hoyt, as well as Phillip Kerman, Rob Gonda, Joseph Lowery, Steve Drucker, Dan Switzer, and many other well known names. It's been a few years since I last made it down to Athens OH, but I'll be there this year, presenting both a keynote and a lunch time presentation. Topics to be covered during this one day conference include ColdFusion, Flash, Flex, Apollo, Ajax, and more. You get 7 tracks, close to 40 sessions (including 3 hands-on sessions), lunch included - and all for $35 (or less)! That's one heck of a deal, and there is still some space left. I hope to see you there!

Talk about a movie spoiler! And can you believe it... I was just drinking tea when the 'Forta 300' almost choked me! Seriously.

Its amazing that Google brought me to this post, 6 years later.

My question is has Ben seen this photo and if so, has he commented on it?

Great photo, now I too will think of this every time I see Ben's name.