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Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2008 (Washington, D.C.) with: Katie Maher
Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2008 (Washington, D.C.) with: Katie Maher

Transferring HomeSite Configuration Files (HELP)

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I love HomeSite 'cause it rocks. And it rocks so hard that I want to install it on all my computers. The problem is, my HomeSite is pretty tricked out and customized. Does anyone know of an easy way to transfer configuration setting from one HomeSite setup to another?


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I have done this a zillion times. The best way is to install HS on the same path and drive letter as your tricked out version. Then copy the entire install directory (or just the Extensions and UserData folders) and drop it on the new install. If you need to install it on a different path or drive you will need to edit some of the config files like snippets.key (I forgot exactly which ones) and such that the path reflects the new install directory.


Just read this post, I have to say that as a developer I have real issues with all of my IDEs. I started coding HTML using Notepad back in the dark ages (early 90s) since then I think I've used just about every code editor around. Most recently having started with Eclipse. The only thing I can say for sure is that, IMHO, they all suck! Dreamweaver is like a Humvee stuck in mud, Eclipse is java and buggy, homesite doesn't support the features I need (like decent inline CSS support). They have all cost me lost hours because they wiped code during a crash or, in the case of eclipse, deleted an entire new project that was not yet on the backups. Sorry to rant on your blog Ben but I just wish either Adobe could sort dreamweaver out or someone could make eclipse as good in terms of FTP support etc. Maybe I should just bin all this new fangled kit and use CF Studio again. I still resort to that in times of dire need! Why couldn't macromedia have kept developing CFstudio instead of trying to force us into using sub-standard dreamweaver?


*They all suck*????

Interesting....I guess there is no pleasing some people, no matter what.

The tools you mentioned are all excellent in their own way. None of them are *end alls* by themselves. But together they are a fantastic tool kit. I have all but abandoned CF studio for eclipse. Eclipse is amazing but it does have some serious short comings. Namely the edit tag function. I like to see all my options for a tag all at once, either as properties or as a tag edit dialog. You can ADD a tag to code using a dialog but you cannot edit it. The lack of an HTML dictionary is a bummer to. Also the A href= ... does not have code completion... etc... (which is why I usually have CF studio open as well) but besides these minor irritants and being a bit buggy it is awesome. The fact that I can edit
Java (native)
JS jseclipse and aptana
PHP, PHP Development Studio
CSS Aptana
(X)HTML Aptana and CFEclipes
And a ZILLION other languages

using the same FULL FEATURED, FREE IDE in of itself boggles the mind.

I never liked DW all that much. It is does have the agility of Fat Bastard in a tub of sludge. But for CSS and XHTML formatting and designing GUI's it is excellent.

As for HS / CF Studio, We all know that it is a masterpiece but it is getting old and does support all the things that we are having to use on a daily basis. It was truly a sad day when they dropped it from their product line.....


It's true that I am a fussy little prima-donna at the best of times but then I have high standards :-) I agree that eclipse is the best of the lot but I find it quite unstable even running on a high-end gaming machine which is what I use at home. It's getting better though and I agree that it's great to be able to do everything pretty much from one IDE. I guess my main 2 beefs with eclipse are no inline CSS when editing CFM files and the FTP support is pretty primitive. Oh well, that's life I suppose!

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